Diodes to demonstrate cutting edge audio applications at Consumer Electronics Show

8th January 2009
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Networked audio reproduction and active loudspeakers are just two of the application areas featuring in a comprehensive ‘proof of concept’ showcase for the Zetex Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier (DDFA) technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Using the Zetex DDFA chipset, Diodes will demonstrate the performance and functionality advantages of fully digital audio distribution in the home. The networked audio system on show takes lossless compressed or uncompressed audio content from a PC source and transports it on an Ethernet based CobraNet network to fully digital active loudspeakers for reproduction.

Assigned as individual network client devices, the active loudspeakers directly couple a dedicated DDFA amplifier channel to each drive unit to remove the problems associated with passive crossover filters and delivering new levels of sound detail and clarity.

Using the amplifier’s high resolution DSP filter resources, digital crossover filters are readily implemented with precise and detailed response curves that are perfectly reproducible from unit to unit and add flexibility and speed to product development cycles. Additional DSP functionality offers tools to compensate for problems such as speaker cabinet resonance or low frequency acoustic inefficiency in small speakers.

Craig Bell, Audio Product Marketing Manager at Diodes commented, “By combining our DDFA chipset with the acoustic expertise of EPOS Acoustics and the networking knowledge of AtteroTech, we’ve been able to demonstrate just how easy it is to prove a concept and create completely new product classes capable of delivering remarkable performance levels.”

Using a unique feedback architecture, the DDFA chipset consists of a multi-channel digital modulator (ZXCZM800) and a feedback processor (ZXCZA200), supporting up to 8 channels of digital amplification or DAC functionality.  Meeting the needs of a wide range of quality consumer AV products, DDFA technology offers a signal to noise performance as high as 120dB and distortion as low as 0.002%.

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