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16-Bit dedicated contactless smart card microcontroller for payment and ID applications

Renesas Technology Europe has introduced the AE41R dedicated contactless smart card microcontroller for use in the payment and ID fields. Enabling lower-cost smart card implementation, the device is Renesas Technology’s first dedicated contactless smart card microcontroller. The AE41R is a member of the AE-4 Series incorporating a smart card microcontroller oriented AE-4 CPU core, and it includes an interface compliant with the ISO 14443 Type-B standard that is well established in the fields of contactless financial and ID applications. This enables low-cost implementation of a contactless system compatible smart card offering a high level of user convenience and simple operator maintenance.
20th April 2007

AVR micros for USB applications allow direct in-system programming

AVR micros for USB applications allow direct in-system programming
Available from Nu Horizons, Atmel’s latest 8-bit AVR micros, dubbed the AT90USB82 and AT90USB162 feature a 12 Mbits/s controller and 8 or 16 Kbytes of memory respectively. The memory can be programmed in-system directly through the USB interface and on-chip EEPROM of 512 bytes enables parameters to be set without interference to the application. This simplifies manufacturing, cuts costs and reduces equipment size because the programme can be loaded at the end of the production line without the need for a dedicated in-system programming connector. Programming takes under 0.15s for 4KB and under 0.5s for 12KB. Communication with external components is via an SPI and UART interface and a 100mA on-chip voltage regulator can also power companion devices such as RF transceivers for wireless adapters or laser sensors for high-performance mice.
18th April 2007

16-bit Microcontrollers with 64 Kbytes of Flash in 28-pin Packages

16-bit Microcontrollers with 64 Kbytes of Flash in 28-pin Packages
Microchip announces eight new members of its PIC24F 16-bit microcontroller family, with up to 64 Kbytes of Flash program memory and up to 8 Kbytes of RAM, in smaller, lower cost, 28- and 44-pin packages including a tiny 6x6 mm 28-pin QFN package option. The 28 and 44-pin PIC24FJ64GA004 family contains a similar peripheral set to the 100-pin PIC24FJ128GA family. “Peripheral Pin Select” pin-mapping allows designers to use the available pins exactly as they like. For many applications, this can allow the use of a smaller, more cost-effective microcontroller. The wide range of on-board peripherals includes two independent channels each of I2C UART and SPI communications.
5th April 2007

Probe Supports Tensilica’s Processors

ByteTools and Tensilica have announced that ByteTools’ Catapult JTAG probes are available for Tensilica’s Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processors. The high-performance, low-cost Catapult devices work out-of-the-box with Tensilica’s software development tools, meaning that users need not install any additional software. Catapult probes interface to the standard XOCD 14-pin JTAG header, with Catapult EJ-1 offering an Ethernet host interface, and Catapult UJ-1 offering a USB host interface.
27th March 2007

8-bit microcontroller targets automotive and industrial applications

8-bit microcontroller targets automotive and industrial applications
Toshiba’s latest compact 8-bit CMOS microcontroller combines 16kByte of SuperFlash memory with a large number of serial interfaces and new analogue IP blocks for LVD (low voltage detector) and POR (power on reset) functionality. The TMP86FH92 is based on Toshiba’s low-power, high-performance TLCS870/C core and is ideally suited to automotive and industrial applications including actuator control, sensor interfacing and power supervision. A fully automotive qualified version of the device is available.
26th March 2007

Analog Devices expands its Blackfin processor family

Analog Devices expands its Blackfin processor family
Analog Devices is expanding its Blackfin line with the ADSP-BF52x family, a scalable series of processors optimised for performance-demanding portable applications including portable media players (PMPs), voice over IP (VoIP) phones, IP cameras, and mobile TV devices. Advancing the Dynamic Power Management capabilities of Blackfin to achieve the line's best power efficiency yet (as low as 0.16mW/MHz core power at 250MHz) these newest processors offer system designers a breadth of choice with a high-performance/low-power series (ADSP-BF527/BF525/BF522) operating at 600MHz, and an ultra-low-power series running at up to 400MHz.
13th March 2007

8-Bit Microcontroller Product Range

8-Bit Microcontroller Product Range
Microchip announces the 12-member PIC18F87J11 high-performance 8-bit microcontroller family, offering greater performance (up to 12 MIPS at 48 MHz), enhanced peripherals and lower standby power consumption. The new family includes nanoWatt Technology for low power consumption in sleep mode (as low as 100 nA) which is ideal for battery-powered applications. The new devices are also the first Microchip 8-bit microcontrollers to offer the Parallel Master Port for connection to external devices.
8th March 2007

8-BIT MCU is ideal for consumer and industrial applications

Silicon Laboratories has announced at International IC-China Conference and Exhibition/Embedded Systems Conference-China 2007 a highly integrated 8-bit MCU combining a 25 MIPS CPU, 10-bit 500 ksps ADC and an internal ±2 % oscillator in a 3x3 mm package. The C8051T60x product family adds to Silicon Laboratories’ portfolio of over 60 high-performance Small Form Factor MCUs. The C8051T60x is ideal for consumer and industrial applications including toys, camera modules, cell phone accessories, portable devices, home appliances and motor controllers.
6th March 2007

Microchip Introduces New General-Purpose Small PIC® Microcontroller

Microchip Introduces New General-Purpose Small PIC® Microcontroller
Microchip announces the PIC16F882 - the lowest-cost member of the PIC18F88X family yet. The PIC16F882 provides design engineers with a lower-cost migration option. The PIC16F882, along with the other four members of the PIC16F88X family, are pin- and code-compatible with other 28/40-pin PIC® Microcontrollers - offering a wide range of migration options, while providing a host of new features. The PIC16F88X enhancements include dual internal oscillators with clock switching and fail-safe clock mode; up to 14 ADC channels; an advanced dual comparator module featuring a Set/Reset Latch; and low-power enhancements that extend battery life.
15th February 2007

8-bit Microcontroller Family Now Qualified for Automotive Applications

STMicroelectronics has announced that its ST7FMC microcontroller family has been Automotive-Grade qualified to meet the specific and rigorous demands of the automotive market. Built around an industry-standard 8-bit core and designed for driving Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, the microcontroller family is ideal for use in various car body applications such as fuel and water pumps, cooling fans and interior blowers.
7th December 2006

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