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Yageo - Antenna Targets GPS Application for Smart Phones

1st July 2009
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Yageo has announced the 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna catering to GPS applications for smart phones, personal navigation devices and notebook computers. Yageo's 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna is capable of delivering up to 80% more efficiency than traditional chip antennas while taking up 50% less space. Samples are already available to customers since April with mass production scheduled for May this year. Yageo expects to double GPS product shipments with the release of the 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna.
Measuring 10x4x4mm in dimension, Yageo’s 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna supports bandwidth of 15MHz around central frequency of 1575MHz and working temperatures from -25°C to 85°C. Featuring both superior performance of pin antenna and miniaturization of patch antenna, Yageo’s 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna is designed with 20% to 30% enhanced performance versus conventional chip antenna, empowering smart phones to integrate personal navigation and positioning functions.

Mr. Vincent Hu, President of Yageo Global Sales Business Group, said Driven by increasing demand for portable devices with versatile functions, smart phones constrained by limited space are often compelled to trade performance for size or vice versa in the selection of antenna. To address market needs for premium performance at miniaturized profile, Yageo, in addition to metal, chip and ceramic bulk antenna, is pleased to get a head start on offering 1044 SMD LP Patch Antenna using high-k dielectric material in its proprietary multi-layered ceramic manufacturing process.

According to the Swedish Berg Insight forecast, global GPS shipments will expand at an annual compound rate of 26.2% to 560 million units in 2012 from 175 million in 2007. The steady growth will be underpinned by increasingly dynamic GPS applications which extend beyond Portable Navigation Devices (PND) to smart phones, personal navigation devices and notebook computers.

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