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UHF FM Receiver Module from Radiometrix

30th September 2008
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The RX2G from Radiometrix is a miniature PCB mounted UHF radio data receiver module which is offered in 433.92MHz (UK band) and 434.42MHz (European band) models. It is an updated version of the company's popular RX2A receiver, and incorporates a received signal strength indicator (RSSI). With the matching transmitter (or transmitters), this receiver allows the simple implementation of data links (in either one-to-one and multi-node topologies) at speeds of up to 64kbits/s and has a usable range of 300m over open ground. It complies fully with the EN 300 220-3 radio standard and the EN 301 489-3 EMC standard (thanks to its internal filtering mechanism, which minimises spurious radiation and susceptibility).
With a current consumption of only 10mA (typical) and leakage levels of just -125dBm, it does not put any strain on the system design?s power budget. It has a -102dBm sensitivity at 1ppm BER, allowing the weakest of signals to be picked up. The module is suitable for a broad range of applications, including car/building security, environmental monitoring, inventory tracking, remote industrial process monitoring and computer networking. Because of the small size (47 x 18 x 4.5mm) and low power requirements, the RX2G is highly optimised for use in portable, battery-powered applications such as hand-held terminals.

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