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Radiometrix Unveils Feature-Rich GSM/GPRS Module Platform

27th October 2010
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The GTC01 GSM/GPRS platform, is the latest addition to the range of market leading wireless products from London-based, Radiometrix. The GTC01 is a complete, self-contained GSM/GPRS platform designed to support the Cinterion M2M Evolution range of GSM modems. Available in an easy to use plug-in module form factor, it offers developers a highly versatile hardware interfacing development tool, to create their own customised GSM/GPRS based device.
The GTC01 platform includes a PIC-based, programmable, 8-bit Flash microcontroller watchdog, a SIM holder, RS232 compliant serial interconnections, and a set of easy to manipulate user interfaces. It can be directly added into any application that requires GSM connectivity. Fully compatible with the Quad-band Cinterion MC75i, TC65i and TC63i GSM modules, the GTC01 allows their easier integration into a broad spectrum of systems designs.

The PIC-based watchdog IC provides auxiliary support to the high performance 32-bit ARM microcontroller in Cinterion units, offering controlled shutdown or restart, should a fault arise. This PIC can be programmed using a suitable in-circuit programming device to give customised external control of the GSM module or non GSM dependant outputs.

The GTC01’s feature set has support beyond SMS messaging, emailing and voice, it offers web connectivity through its TCP/IP stack.

Java functionality incorporated into the Cinterion TC65i unit, it offers the capability to reprogram over the air. Thus if there is a software issue affecting the operation of the GSM unit which needs to be resolved or if the unit is to be redeployed then this can be achieved remotely, avoiding potentially costly engineer call-outs. Thanks to the

These modules require +5 VDC to +13.8 VDC supply, drawing a supply current of less than 40mA when inactive. They are offered in a low profile, compact and convenient 51 mm x 84 mm DIL module format.

Supplied with no minimum order quantities, the GTC01 is ideally suited for low volumes in applications including remote monitoring systems, telematics, industrial control, M2M communication, fleet management and security alarms. The GTC01 has an operating temperature range of -25 ⁰C to +65 ⁰C, and a storage temperature range of -40 ⁰C to +85 ⁰C.

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