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Jennic launches JenNet stack for scalable wireless sensor networks

10th December 2007
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Jennic Ltd. has introduced JenNet, a new free proprietary wireless networking stack for its powerful range of 32 bit single chip wireless microcontrollers. Based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard, it is specially designed to be easy to use and is fully scalable from just a few nodes to large networks of up to 1,000 nodes.
Complementing Jennic’s existing ZigBee stack which provides interoperability with other ZigBee devices and mesh networks, JenNet addresses a wide range of applications, including street lighting systems with long strings of nodes, and large building management systems.

JenNet addresses many of the issues found by developers when creating wireless sensor networks, including the ease with which this functionality can be added to their products. It does this by providing users with an easy application development path through its two simple programming interfaces, Jenie and AT-Jenie. With it’s small memory footprint, which can be as low as 16kB, JenNet ensures that up to 80kB application space is available for a 100-node network, giving designers the flexibility to develop complex applications if required.

A range of network topologies are possible, including star, tree or linear formations that can accommodate long strings of nodes. Self-configuration and automatic healing ensure that networks constructed using JenNet are tolerant of node failures. It also supports sleeping end devices for multi-year battery life, encryption of packets for secure data transmission and over the air download for easy updating of nodes. Furthermore, since it is based on the established IEEE802.15.4 standard at 2.5GHz, it offers excellent co-existence with WiFi and Bluetooth.

Development cycles are kept short through the provision of two easy to use software interfaces, Jenie and AT-Jenie. These are provided together with products that facilitate all stages of the development cycle, from initial design support with evaluation kits, through modules for low volumes and fast market introduction, to chips for the lowest cost high volume manufacture.

AT-Jenie provides a simple serial command interface to the network, enabling existing products to add wireless network capability by using the chips or modules as a wireless co-processor alongside a PC or existing host processor. This de-skills the wireless network design process, opening it up to many new users and also provides a simple method of evaluating wireless for a particular application.

Jenie is a simplified ’C’ programmer's interface, providing access to the whole of the network stack and enabling users to develop fully customized ’C’ applications using Jennic's standard software development kit which is freely available with an unlimited license.

JenNet, AT-Jenie, and Jenie are available now and can be downloaded from the support section of Jennic's website, www.jennic.com/support, along with many code examples and application notes.

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