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ISM Radio Modules Allow trouble-free implementation of wireless control functions

15th February 2007
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There are certain user applications where very simple ‘on/off’ control functions are all that are needed. Common examples, such as long-range lighting controls, alarm sounders, or machine shutdown safety systems, will normally require a microprocessor or dedicated remote control IC in addition to the radio module itself. Having to include such chips will incur extra cost, expand the system size, and increase the software overhead. This is clearly something of an irritation for engineers looking at what appear to be rather basic wireless designs, and which really shouldn’t need too much effort to implement.
With this in mind, UK-based wireless specialist Radiometrix, can now offer additional functionality in certain models from its portfolio of radio products. By programming in a special version of the internal firmware (ordered with a -CX suffix) the radio units can be used as a very simple remote control link. Two input/outputs are provided: latching and momentary. No external control device is required, thus keeping the space, cost, and development time reigned in.

Currently this option is available in the popular LMT2 and LMR2 ISM band modules. These are a small sized (LMT: 33x23x9mm, LMR: 43x33x9mm) narrowband, multi-channel transmitter/ receiver pair. The sensitive receiver, combined with the 10mW transmitter, gives an operating range of over 500m. Only a suitable aerial, a 3.1-15v power supply, and the user's application circuits, need be added. A simple serial programming port allows channel selection (one of 32), as well as set-up of the 16 bit unit address.

These radios operate on the 433MHz band, and are EN300-220 compliant.

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