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Durable Passive UHF RFID Tag for Harsh environment

28th January 2011
ES Admin
DAILY RFID has recently released passive UHF RFID tags for tracing under harsh environment, such as in warehouse, IT assets and transport containers. With its high durability and special design, the UHF passive tag can operate properly under harsh environment, such as metallic and moisture conditions.
Operating from 860 MHz to 960 MHz, the durable passive RFID tag can be customized to comply with ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen 2) or ISO18000-6B standards. And it can be read or written with the reading range of up to 3 meters in harsh conditions, such as on metal surface and the temperature from -40º C to 70º C.

This easy-to-use rugged UHF RFID tag plays an important role in precisely tracking information, so that it can increase the work efficiency and ensure the details correctly. Equipped with 3M glue on the back, the tag is easily affixed to any metal applications, for example, vehicle, inventory, warehouse, etc.

The durable passive UHF RFID tag is widely used in many fields, like logistics and industrial. What’s more, the tags can be designed in various designs and sizes, and any colors as well.

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