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Customisable ZigBee transceiver dongle with USB interface

10th April 2007
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RF Solutions has introduced a USB interface ZigBee transceiver dongle. Housed in a compact, handy adapter enclosure the new UZBee 2.4GHz devices are able to communicate at speeds of up to 250 Kbps over distances of up to 120 metres. The UZBee can be used in wireless personal area network (WPAN) applications where there is a requirement for high data throughput but where duty cycles are low. The ZigBee protocol is ideal for enabling communication in home, business and industrial automation where control devices and sensors are commonly used.

Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 specification and fully FCC/CD compliant, the UZBee transceiver dongle uses Flexipanel’s USBootTM technology to allow its firmware to be changed via the USB port without any specialist programming equipment. OEMs wishing to customise the dongle can do so by programming the on-board PIC18LF4550 microcontroller.

UZBee’s specification also includes a pushbutton and a status LED. The transceiver’s impressive range is achieved by utilizing an integral signature ‘G’ antenna. Overall dimensions of the dongle are 56mm x 20mm x 9mm.

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