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Alpha Micro and Taoglas Introduce Smallest GPS Antenna

2nd October 2008
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Alpha Micro Components has announced that it has added Taoglas’ smallest ever GPS Patch Antenna to its portfolio of embedded technologies. The new AP10 antenna patch, designed for use in smartphones, PDAs, personal tracking, navigation devices and mobiles phones, is one of the most compactly designed GPS receivers in the world.
/> Originally, developed for use in a touch-screen Smartphone device, this compact GPS antennae needed to be small, efficient and specifically tuned to the embedded GPS receiver, enabling location-based services and navigation capabilities to be added to the handset. Demand for such functionality in similar handsets is now rising, with requirement for all components including the antenna to be as small as possible; to sit comfortably within ever shrinking devices. In response, Taoglas has designed this miniature antenna and further ensured compatibility with all GPS receivers on the market by making the patch available in two formats: high-gain 2 stage LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) and low-gain 1 stage LNA.

The GPS patch antenna is available with a cable and connector which can be used for direct connection to a module or an onboard connector. Users requiring on-board integration, have the chance to opt for the Surface Mountable (SMT) format; the only active GPS antenna solution in this format, available on the market.

Taoglas has considerable experience and expertise working with ceramic materials allowing the company to produce these antennas equipped with high dielectric constants. This expertise equips the specialist with the capacity to miniaturise its products without performance compromise. Importantly Taoglas also has the ability to fine tune the antennae and align the centre frequency at the exact GPS bandwidth required for accurate and consistent operation.

Christos Papakyriacou, Managing Director, Alpha Micro Components comments; “This partnership with Taoglas is an invaluable addition to our portfolio of products. The company’s ability to fine tune the patches is an extremely difficult process to execute effectively for other vendors, hence the lack of small components of this nature in the market. Taoglas can guarantee us and our customers, optimum performance in its kit through its thorough quality control operation checks executed on each and every patch prior to shipping.”

Excellent GPS signal quality has led to its widespread use within the automotive and consumer electronics markets within products such as navigation and vehicle tracking devices for machine to machine (M2M) communication. “Our ceramic antennae are right-hand circularly polarised, thus matching the satellite, to ensure the new GPS patch delivers the best performance every time – even when facing sideways or upside down,” explains Dermot O’Shea, Director of European Operations at Taoglas.

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