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2.4GHz RFID Active Reader ideal for RFID Asset Management

15th April 2010
ES Admin
DAILY RFID has released RFID Active Reader DL3800, with a long read range of up to 100 meters to cater for for asset management. The advanced 2.4GHz RFID Reader is ideal for inventory management as its fast read rate.
The Active RFID reader provides reliable visibility within 100m, making it ideal for real-time asset loss prevention, warehouse management, inventory management and personnel access control. And multiple RFID Asset Tags can be automatically collected by the single 2.4GHz reader at the same time.

In addition, large read/write data storage with sophisticated data search and access capabilities are available in the RFID active Reader. With all sorts of communication interface, the rfid active reader is especially helpful in asset management systems where a single Long Range RFID Reader can monitor a number of tagged assets and report to a Host Computer or Access Control System.

As a plug and play device, the 2.4GHz RFID active reader is easy to use. It can identify 100 pieces of tags at the same time under its anti-collision function. It is well suited for many applications, such as logistics, asset management, positioning and inventory management, etc.

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