WiFi solutions designed for mobile and IoT ecosystems

10th November 2017
Lanna Cooper


A family of highly integrated wireless networking solutions designed for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems has been introduced by innovator of high performance analogue semiconductors connecting people, places and things, Skyworks Solutions.

The new SkyOne WiFi suite combines Skyworks’ integration expertise and advanced 802.11ac technology to provide customers with a comprehensive front-end module in a single placement, compact footprint. Specifically, these new products incorporate all key radio frequency blocks between the WiFi System-on-Chip (SoC) and the antenna, unburdening customers of complex RF design challenges, while reducing time to market.

This platform significantly improves the WiFi system performance when compared to other standard SoC platforms and further mitigates interference with other radios, extending range and increasing throughput to greatly improve the user experience.

The SKY85812-11, the first in the SkyOne WiFi series of products, is currently shipping in flagship platforms globally with a top tier smartphone OEM.

“Today’s mobile and IoT devices are now supporting up to 20 bands and require both seamless and robust WiFi functionality to meet growing requirements from carrier offload, voice over IP and other bandwidth-intensive applications,” said David Stasey, General Manager and Vice President of Diversified Analog Solutions at Skyworks.

“Building upon our highly successful SkyOne cellular platforms, Skyworks is now pleased to offer WiFi solutions that deliver optimum levels of integration and performance.”

According to ABI Research, more than 20 billion WiFi chipsets are expected to be shipped between 2016 and 2021, particularly as WiFi solutions expand beyond their traditional usage applications, frequency bands, device types and performance requirements.

They also expect more than 95% of devices shipped in 2021 to support 5GHz WiFi, signifying increased spectrum sharing with cellular technologies.

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