STMicroelectronics Enables New Consumer Conveniences with Combination of Innovative Wireless Memory and NFC Technology

8th September 2011
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STMicroelectronics announced the strengthening of its position in the Near-Field Communication (NFC) market by extending user’s ability to read, write and transfer information on ST’s dual-interface Memory to a broad range of industrial and consumer applications.
ST's M24LR64 wireless memory has the unique ability to transmit and receive information from the heart of an application to a smartphone containing NFC technology or to an industrial RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) reader, allowing for transactions, data exchange, object identification and tracking to occur rapidly. NFC is a short-range technology operating at 13.56MHz that is being implemented on smartphones to enable customers to make payments, such as for public transit and in convenience stores, using their mobile devices. The technology can also permit communication between NFC-enabled devices. Partnerships already announced between major US wireless carriers and credit-card companies will drive NFC technology into 30.5% of all handsets shipped in 2015, according to market-research firm IHS iSuppli.

A new App called Dual EE, which operates on the Android operating system, delivers full compatibility with ST’s M24LR64 wireless memory. The app connects an NFC-enabled smartphone to a prototype temperature recorder featuring ST’s unique M24LR64 wireless memory and demonstrates data transfer and storage. These capabilities are easily transferable to a broad range of products, including medical devices, home appliances, consumer electronic products and meters. Adoption of NFC technology and ST’s innovative memory will cut the cord and grant users more freedom in saving and exchanging information wherever they want.

“The combination of this new Android app and our innovative dual-interface wireless EEPROM memory will allow users to communicate with a wide range of electronic devices via their NFC-enabled smartphones,” said Benoit Rodrigues, General Manager of ST’s Memories Division. “The introduction of the unique memory and the Android app is further evidence of ST’s ability to develop new and innovative technologies and solutions for the fast-growing NFC market, complementing our world-leading product portfolio for NFC, which also includes secure elements, SIM ICs and NFC controllers for mobile devices.”

Together, the dual-interface EEPROM and Android app provide a launch pad for consumer-tech innovations offering users new types of benefits via NFC. The memory can also operate with RFID equipment used in the supply chain. The Dual EE app can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market, and has already been validated on leading smartphones. The source code of this sample application is available on the ST website at www.st.com giving developers a head start to designing their own Android NFC applications that are able to communicate with dual-interface EEPROM products.

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