Cost-effective 3D face scanning suitable for mobile devices

4th January 2017
Enaie Azambuja

Inuitive announced that Bellus3D Inc. has adopted the NU3000 into its next-generation face scanning camera which will be launched during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Bellus3D is focusing on high quality and affordable 3D face scanning for mobile devices. Bellus3D Face Camera will work on smartphones and tablets to create high quality 3D face models that can be used for video games, face surgery, digital makeup, face recognition security and a wide variety of other applications requiring a 3D face model.

Third-party developers will be able to leverage the middleware and API to develop their own applications. Utilising the unique architecture of the NU3000 SoC, Bellus3D Face Camera produces a high quality output from a simple mobile device camera through effective use of advanced image-processing algorithms. The application guides novice and professional users with a series of prompts to ensure that a perfect scan is produced every time.

One of the first applications to be built on the NU3000-based Bellus3D Face Camera platform allows users to scan their own face and then digitally apply makeup, allowing them to determine which 'look' suits them best, without the time and mess associated with normal trial-and-error.

"The technology built in to the NU3000 platform and the support we have received from Inuitive have allowed us to bring the Bellus3D Face Camera to market quickly with a minimum of effort." said Eric Chen, co-founder & CEO at Bellus3D Inc.

Inuitive’s NU3000 processor incorporates two CEVA MM3101 high-performance, low-power imaging and computer vision vector DSP cores. In addition, it integrates a dedicated hardware accelerator capable of extracting real-time depth maps from stereovision input.

In the Bellus3D Face Camera the NU3000 replaces the camera interface, control & synchronisation, MIPI to USB and the memory interface thus simplifying the design process significantly.

“Our unique technology and architecture uses input from standard, low-cost cameras which enable Bellus3D Face Camera to efficiently generate depth maps. This, coupled with the NU3000's ability to enhance imagery from basic cameras makes our SoC DSP solution the ideal platform for the Bellus3D Face Camera.” said Shlomo Gadot, CEO and Co-Founder of Inuitive.

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