STMicroelectronics protects and powers Ellipse’s card-verification

23rd October 2023
Harry Fowle

STMicroelectronics is supplying energy-harvesting secure microcontrollers to Ellipse to enhance security for card payments.

The first metal cards featuring EVC technology will be offered by CompoSecure. This innovative solution is designed to elevate both the payment experience and enhance user protection, facilitated by ST’s ST31N600 chip.

Ellipse chose the ST31N600 secure microcontroller as a key component in its battery-free EVC (Ellipse Verification Code) All-In-One dynamic CVV (Card Verification Value) micromodule. The EVC All-In-One, standard-sized EMV micromodule equips payment cards with a 3-digit CVV display located on the rear of the module. The code changes every time the card is used at a physical POS terminal or ATM, and can also be refreshed on-demand via mobile phone. This new code can be utilised for any subsequent online or card-not-present transaction, effectively reducing the risk of false declines and fraudulent card-not-present activities.

The EVC All-In-One, when paired with STPAYTP1x, additionally ensures secure EMV payment transactions. The ST31N600 is responsible for harvesting radiated energy from the card reader to power the whole circuitry. The solution is battery-free, which simplifies the manufacturing process and saves costs.

“The ST31N600 is the starting point for great advances in smartcards, with its strong security and features that enable easy-to-use and innovative authentication mechanisms for payments,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Connected Security, STMicroelectronics.

“Choosing to collaborate with ST provided the best possible foundation for our EVC All-In-One micromodule. The ST31N600 consolidates the secure processor, contactless communication, and energy harvesting required in one space-efficient, and low-power chip,” said Cyril Lalo, President & CEO of Ellipse. “This enabled us to extend the protection of EMV to e-commerce, and bring to the market the new generation of the payment module that bridges the physical and digital worlds.

“The Ellipse EVC All-In-One micromodule, powered by ST’s ST31N600, enables us to seamlessly combine style with substance through cutting-edge security, user convenience, and peace of mind,” said Greg Maes, Chief Operating Officer of CompoSecure.

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