Tis the season to be busy

7th November 2023
Paige West

The festive season heralds a time of exceptional activity, with the logistics sector embarking on a delivery expedition that rivals the legendary exploits of Santa.

Navigating the surge in demand over Black Friday and Cyber Monday necessitates enhanced operational scalability, efficiency, and dependability. Prime Vision, a specialist in warehouse automation, offers proven solutions that ensure its clientele enjoys optimal profitability annually.

The festive frenzy by the figures

Black Friday, originating from the United States and celebrated after Thanksgiving, is the preeminent shopping day worldwide, while Cyber Monday has become the most significant for online sales. These days exert immense pressure on logistics systems, with dramatic spikes in demand. Companies that fail to swiftly upscale their operations risk disappointing customers through delivery failures, while those who manage to do so benefit from the lucrative returns of the season. In the UK, sales on Black Friday 2022 soared to approximately £12.3 billion, marking an 8.3% increase from the year before. The US experienced a 2.3% uptick in online sales, accumulating to $9.12 billion. Forecasts for 2023 suggest further growth, with a survey indicating that three-quarters of UK consumers plan to spend more on these key dates compared to 2022.

Upscaling in the festive season

Augmenting logistics operations within the constraints of existing spaces presents a formidable challenge, exacerbated by the current labour shortages in the logistics sector. This shortfall is attributed to a lack of interest among younger people, early retirements, a talent exodus during the pandemic, and traditionally unappealing working conditions. Nonetheless, reliance on manual labour to meet the heightened demand of the festive shopping peak is neither viable nor sustainable.

Automation: the season's solution

Automation offers scalable, efficient, and adaptable solutions, such as robotics, computer vision, analytics software, and autonomous sorting systems, enabling businesses to extend their capacity to accommodate the seasonal peak. These innovations not only enhance efficiency within the existing infrastructure but also protect warehouse personnel from overexertion by automating monotonous tasks, thus facilitating a focus on oversight and management.

Robotic assistance in the festive frenzy

Prime Vision's robotic solutions exemplify scalability, adept at navigating items through the sorting process. These dynamic systems offer a stark contrast to stationary conveyors, as their fleet can be swiftly expanded in response to growing demand, introducing versatility into any logistical operation. They also alleviate the physical burden on staff, ensuring higher item throughput without the associated manual fatigue.

Maximising uptime during peak times

Despite the sophistication of automated warehouse systems, minimising equipment downtime remains crucial, especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush when unexpected malfunctions can lead to significant losses and customer dissatisfaction. Prime Vision maintains close customer support, mitigating downtime risks.

Securing operational continuity for the festive period

Prime Vision's Protection & Care service conducts continuous assessments, performing 12,000 checks on customer-operated hardware and software at intervals of a few minutes, encompassing 2,000 servers worldwide. This service aims to proactively detect and address potential issues, thus averting operational disruptions.

Ensuring delivery promises are met

While Santa's sleigh may boast infinite capacity, logistics companies operate within more earthly bounds. Meeting the escalating demands of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales requires ingraining scalability, efficiency, and reliability into warehouse operations. Whether through a contingent of robots easing staff workload or proactive monitoring services to protect infrastructure, Prime Vision ensures that warehouse operators and customers alike receive their festive wishes.

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