High performance and enhanced reliability for advanced packages

25th June 2024
Paige West

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions unveils the MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS. This next-generation, high-purity, high-speed copper plating process is engineered for semiconductor production.

The MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS marks an advancement in semiconductor technology, offering a solution tailored to meet the increasing demands for miniaturisation and sophisticated packaging in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile technology. This system is designed for precision, efficiency, and user-friendliness, enabling manufacturers to achieve the high performance and enhanced reliability demanded by advanced applications.

Capable of rapid plating speeds up to 2.5µm/min, the MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS achieves a high-purity deposit that ensures uniformity across the wafer, die, and individual features. This uniformity translates into greater reliability and more cost-effective processing for semiconductor manufacturers. The adaptable chemistry of MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS is ideal for a variety of metallisation needs, including bump, pillar, and Redistribution Layer (RDL), and is effective with or without a nickel barrier to prevent Kirkendall voids (KV) in the stacks.

"MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS is a significant advancement in semiconductor manufacturing," explains Ashley Kuppersmith, Product Manager – Wafer Level Packaging at MacDermid Alpha. "It offers the industry a transformative solution that seamlessly integrates precision, efficiency, and ease of use. This innovative copper pillar plating process is a versatile product that can accommodate a wide variety of technological applications. MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS’ unique chemistry ensures high-purity and high-speed plating facilitating uniformity and reliability across advanced packaging solutions. Semiconductor fabricators can streamline their processes and achieve unparalleled results, ushering in a new era of semiconductor fabrication with MICROFAB SC-40 PLUS."

MacDermid Alpha’s MICROFAB SC product range encompasses products and processes that have supported the semiconductor industry for over 10 years.

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