Linxens and Clayens develop mini-NFC tag for medical devices

6th March 2024
Sheryl Miles

In a significant advance for the medical sector, Linxens, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of electronic components, is collaborating with Clayens, a European company specialising in the transformation of polymers, composites, and precision metal parts, to develop a unique medical tracker directly integrated into the material.

Unlike conventional methods, which apply NFC tags via adhesive or assembly to external elements such as labels, Linxens and Clayens have chosen to innovate by integrating the NFC tag directly into the polymer matrix of the medical device. This approach allows for the tag to be inseparably fused with the product, offering unprecedented security through an unfalsifiable Unique Identifier (UiD).

At the heart of this initiative is the development of a revolutionary mini-tag, directly moulded into the polymer of the medical device. This circular tag combines durability and discretion through the use of a flexible polymer substrate enriched with copper loops and an integrated chip.

The encapsulation process, which involves a double overmoulding (first the overmoulding of the tag, and then the overmoulding of the new insert), ensures resistance to moisture, heat, and chemicals, offering unmatched reliability for demanding medical environments.

Critical information, such as expiration date, lot number, and dosage information, is programmed onto the NFC tag immediately after moulding. This crucial step takes place during the industrialisation process, using a specialised NFC writing device that ensures constant traceability and increased security against counterfeiting and unauthorised removal.

The mini-tag strictly complies with regulatory standards for medical devices and syringes, including the European Directive on Counterfeit Medicines, ensuring complete compatibility with existing inventory or tracking systems.

"Linxens, a historical leader in micro-connectivity technologies, is positioning itself strongly in the health sector, bringing technology and expertise that find their full meaning in this context," said Yvan Malépart, SVP Healthcare and Smartcard at Linxens. "Global health challenges demand the convergence of technical and clinical expertise, with a growing need for remote monitoring, secure connections, data quality, in an aging population, increasing patient autonomy, and overburdened healthcare services. By partnering with Clayens, Linxens is committed to addressing the demands of a constantly evolving market and a dynamic innovation landscape. With this revolutionary mini-tag, Linxens offers a solution that embraces cutting-edge technological advancements, ensuring reliability, enhanced security, and unmatched traceability in the administration of treatments."

"Working with Linxens on the integration of this mini-tag marks a significant step towards safer and more traceable medical devices," said Matthieu Besse, R&D Manager at Clayens. "This collaboration is a tangible example of our ability to integrate advanced technological innovations directly into our products, while maintaining our commitment to quality and security."

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