Glasses help alleviate motion sickness

16th July 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Citroën has released special glasses that help to prevent motion sickness. Though motion sickness was always a problem for some, since the introduction of smartphones and tablets the condition has been affecting more people as more of us look at screens while being chauffeured around. The so called “SEETROËN” glasses are actually developed by Boarding Ring, a French firm.

The glasses have a blue liquid that can flow in front and around the eyes. The liquid stays horizontal with the ground, regardless of how the vehicle moves, and so provides stability to the eyes and the brain.

The glasses are similar in functionality to looking at the horizon when experiencing motion sickness on a boat. The stability of the horizon provides a reference point for our brains to lock-in on, alleviating the confusion that different senses create when they’re sending seemingly incompatible information.

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