Luminus unveils Gen2 XBT-3535 series

14th December 2023
Paige West

Luminus Devices announces the launch of its Gen2 XBT-3535 series, an addition to its UV LED portfolio.

The series offers a range of wavelength options, including 265, 275, 285, 308, and 340nm.

The Gen2 XBT-3535 series enhances Luminus's existing UVA and near-UV range, which includes 365, 385, 395, 405, and 415nm. The series expands into the UVC wavelength, now featuring 265nm alongside 275nm, suited for air, water, and surface disinfection applications. A more compact, cost-effective version in 275nm, offering a 20mW power output at 150mA, is also available.

Murali Kumar, Business Line Director at Luminus, explains the significance of the 265nm wavelength, noting its efficiency in disinfection. “What sets the 265nm wavelength apart is its remarkable 56% improvement in disinfection efficiency compared to 280nm, surpassing even the 22% increase achieved with 275nm. Delivering an output power of more than 60mW at 500 mA, the XBT-3535 series outperforms its Gen 1, 275nm predecessor, in both disinfection performance and cost-effectiveness ($/mW).”

In the UVB spectrum, the XBT-3535 introduces 285 and 308nm options. The 285nm variant is designed for horticulture and analytical instruments, with performance exceeding 85mW at 500mA. The 308nm variant, available in a ‘Mini’ version, is aimed at phototherapy and horticulture, offering a power output of over 30mW at 150mA.

For medical and analytical applications, the XBT-3535 series at 340nm provides a robust 90mW output at 500mA. The wavelengths of 265, 275, and 285nm are currently in production and available, with 308 and 340nm variants scheduled for production in Q1, 2024.


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