Schneider Electric launches EcoCare at new centre in Warrington

18th March 2024
Kristian McCann

Schneider Electric celebrated the launch of the innovative EcoCare membership service alongside prominent Connected Services customers at the newly inaugurated Experience Centre in Warrington.



The EcoCare membership service promises enhanced access to expert advice, expedited emergency response SLAs, and continuous infrastructure monitoring, marking a significant advancement in digital energy management and automation services.

The launch, hosted at Schneider Electric's cutting-edge Connected Services Hub, underscored the company's ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive energy connectivity solutions, backed by a team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring of customer sites.

The event featured a panel discussion led by David Pownall, Services Vice President of Schneider Electric UK&I. Pownall engaged with representatives from prominent customers, including Johnson & Johnson and the University of Nottingham, to discuss how these diverse organisations utilise Schneider Electric Connected Services to achieve their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability objectives.

Speaking at the event, David Pownall, VP of Services & Safety, expressed: “It's a tremendous honour to welcome visitors to our new Connected Services Hub and Experience Centre today, and to hear directly from our customers about the 24/7 support our team provides across a wide range of technology applications. The UK launch of EcoCare here is ideal for enhancing our capabilities and strengthening our valuable relationships in this sector for the foreseeable future.”

Kelly Becker, President of UK & Ireland, remarked: “Events like these, which offer us a chance to listen to our customers and understand how our services can bring added value to businesses throughout the connected services journey, are incredibly valuable. Going forward, EcoCare membership service members will gain from advanced digital features that offer real-time insights and contribute to further reduced downtime, heightened operational effectiveness, and better environmental sustainability.”

The EcoCare membership service enables customers to:

  • Reduce downtime by up to 75% with quicker on-site intervention response times and 24/7 remote monitoring.
  • Decrease planned downtime by up to 40% through a condition-based maintenance strategy, allowing for dynamic maintenance planning.
  • Prolong asset life and reduce carbon emissions, aiding in achieving sustainability targets.

These benefits stem from the unique features of the EcoCare Services package, which includes:

  • A Dedicated Customer Success Management Team coordinating remote and on-site experts to provide access to leading industry expertise.
  • Quicker response times with exclusive discounts on spare parts for improved efficiency and reliability.
  • Advanced digital technologies for digital transformation, enabling valuable insights, optimising maintenance, and offering expert recommendations for enhanced system performance and energy management.

With the Connected Services Hub now fully operational and EcoCare UK&I launched, Schneider Electric Connected Services are poised to lead in a new era of collaborative, data-driven, and continuous service delivery.

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