Digital acquisition system enhances measurement accuracy

11th August 2021
Mick Elliott

The AD7606C-18 from Analog Devices is an 18-bit, simultaneous sampling, analogue-to-digital data acquisition system (DAS) with eight channels.

In stock at Anglia Components, it is ideal for a wide range of monitoring, control and data acquisition applications.

Each of the devices’ eight channels contain analogue input clamp protection, a programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a low-pass filter (LPF), and an 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

The AD7606C-18 also contains a flexible digital filter, a low drift, 2.5 V precision reference, a reference buffer to drive the ADC, and flexible parallel and serial interfaces.

It operates from a single 5 V supply and accommodates a wide range of bipolar and unipolar single ended inputs and bipolar differential input ranges allowing sampling at throughput rates of 1 MSPS for all channels:

The integrated input clamp protection tolerates voltages up to ±21 V and the single supply operation, on-chip filtering, and high input impedance eliminate the need for external driver op amps, which require bipolar supplies.

For applications with lower throughput rates, the flexible digital filter can be used to improve noise performance.

In hardware mode, the AD7606C-18 is fully compatible with the AD7608 and AD7609.

In software mode, the following additional advanced features are available:

  • Analogue input range selectable per channel with added ranges available
  • High bandwidth mode (220 kHz) selectable per channel
  • Additional oversampling options with an oversampling ratio up to 256
  • System gain, system offset, and system phase calibration, per channel
  • Analogue input open circuit detector
  • Diagnostic multiplexer
  • Monitoring functions (serial peripheral interface (SPI) invalid read and write, cyclic redundancy check (CRC), busy stuck monitor, and reset detection)
  • Note that throughout the data sheet, multifunction pins, such as the RD/SCLK pin, are referred to either by the entire pin name or by a single function of the pin, for example, the SCLK pin, when only that function is relevant.

The device also features onboard Calibration and Diagnostics including per channel system phase, offset, and gain calibration, analogue input open circuit detection feature, self-diagnostics and monitoring features and CRC error checking on read and write data and registers.

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