NXP Delivers Breakthrough Class-AB and Class-D Audio Amplifiers for Start-Stop Systems

15th November 2011
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NXP Semiconductors N.V. today announced the availability of two new automotive audio amplifiers supporting energy-saving start-stop systems – the TDF8530 andTDF8546. The TDF8530 is an ultra-efficient quad-channel Class-D audio amplifier supporting the 6V requirement for start-stop vehicles. The TDF8546 is a quad-channel Class-AB amplifier available with a groundbreaking Best Efficiency Mode operating as low as 6V, reducing power dissipation by 17 percent compared to other high-efficiency solutions in its class. Both amplifiers enable an uninterrupted audio experience during sudden supply voltage drops down to 6V in hybrid electric vehicles, micro-hybrids, mild hybrids, and other cars using start-stop systems.
“Start-stop systems are rapidly becoming a popular way to cut fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, particularly in stop-and-go urban traffic. Our 6V audio amplifiers have been designed to enable a seamless, brilliant audio experience in energy-saving cars,” said Drue Freeman, vice president, Global Automotive Sales and Marketing, NXP Semiconductors. “By offering both Class-AB and Class-D options integrating a wide range of protections and advanced diagnostics, NXP is providing flexibility in designing reliable audio systems for energy-efficient vehicles. This is a great example of how we are using High Performance Mixed Signal technology to help our customers to drive efficiency in all types of vehicles, by achieving efficiency gains in sub-systems throughout the car.”

“If you drive any type of hybrid electric vehicle, you deserve a smooth in-car entertainment experience. With its excellent sound performance, automotive robustness and great energy efficiency, the NXP TDF8530 is the ideal choice for the high-performance audio solutions we are designing for the energy-conscious driver,” said Yongmin Moon, principal research engineer in Hyundai Mobis’ Multimedia Core Tech Team.

Ultra-Efficiency Quad Class-D Amplifier Operating at 6V
The TDF8530 is the latest addition to NXP’s broad portfolio of highly integrated, high-performance automotive Class-D amplifiers, which bring concert-hall quality sound to in-car entertainment systems. The quad channel Class-D amplifier is ideal for automotive head unit and sound system platforms. High-end home entertainment systems such as iPod® docking stations can also benefit from the outstanding audiophile sound performance of the TDF8530. The new Class-D amplifier is also designed to support new application areas such as car ambient sound systems, which can create engine sounds for electric vehicles, for example, or active noise-cancellation systems.

With a maximum supply voltage up to 24V delivering 72W per channel, the ultra-efficient TDF8530 also offers a full range of diagnostics and protections to ensure full automotive robustness. Controlled via the I2C bus, the advanced diagnostics include unique start-up diagnostics, as well as many other functions such as speaker protection, clip detection, and AC load tweeter detection. Furthermore, the TDF8530 offers outstanding EMC performance, and delivers optimal sound under maximum power conditions. The thermal fold-back integrated in hardware protects the device from overheating.

Key features of the TDF8530 ultra-efficient quad Class-D amplifier include:

Four BTL channels 4Ω or 2Ω capable
4 x 26W / 72W output power (14.4V / 24V, 10% THD, 4 Ohm)
Operating supply voltage from 6V to 24V
Excellent sound performance – low pop noise from DC offset voltage
Thermal foldback and thermal protection controlled by hardware
I²C control and full range of diagnostics (e.g. clip and load detection)
HSOP44 package

##IMAGE_2_R##Best Efficiency Quad Class-AB Amplifier Operating at 6V

The TDF8546 Class-AB amplifier offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for in-car entertainment systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. Compared to other high-efficiency Class-AB amplifiers, the TDF8546 Best Efficiency quad Class-AB amplifier reduces power dissipation by 17 percent. The TDF8546 also eliminates switch noise in the signal path, and offers a full range of best-in-class diagnostics and protections for automotive robustness. Several car audio system manufacturers have selected the TDF8546, including Visteon.

Key features of the TDF8546 best efficiency quad channel Class-AB Amplifier include:

Four channels operating at various signal condition
4 x 25W output power (14.4V, 10% THD, 4 Ohm)
Operating supply voltage from 6 to 18V
Excellent sound performance – no pop noise; suitable for 2 Ohm to 4 Ohm speakers
Best Efficiency Mode – low quiescent current per channel
Power dissipation reduced by 17 percent compared to other high-efficiency Class-AB amplifiers
Power dissipation reduced by 35 percent compared to standard Class-AB amplifiers
No switch noise due to switches in the signal path
Protection against short thermal overload and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)Small footprint: HSOP36 and DBS27 packages

I2C bus diagnostics, including start-up diagnostics, clip detection and pre-warning

Engineering samples of both the TDF8530 and TDF8546 are available immediately. Product information on the TDF8530

Additional information on the TDF8546

Other products in the NXP audio amplifier portfolio which are operable at 6V include the TDF8544, which has been in volume production since June 2010, and the TDF8541, which is in volume production since January 2011. Click for further information on how NXP is driving vehicle efficiency with a full range of products for start-stop systems

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