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CoWare and Tenison work together on Virtual Hardware Platforms for Architectural Exploration and Software Development

CoWare and Tenison Design Automation Inc., a company focused on delivering ESL tools that synthesize C++ and SystemC models from hardware designs described in Verilog or VHDL, jointly announced significant enhancements to the two companies' integrated design flow. These enhancements will accelerate the creation of virtual hardware platforms for architectural exploration and software development. The new flow enables the synthesis of the CoWare SystemC Modeling Library (SCML)-based peripheral models from legacy RTL IP, thus accelerating model availability for product architects and software developers using CoWare Platform Architect and CoWare Virtual Platforms.
23rd January 2007

STMicroelectronics' Software Kit Supports Complete USB Firmware Development for STR7 and STR9 MCUs

STMicroelectronics has announced a USB software Developer Kit for the STR7 and STR9 microcontroller families that will greatly simplify the implementation of embedded software to handle the relatively complex USB interface standard. USB is now very widely used in embedded systems, due to both its flexibility and simplicity for the user and also the availability of high-performance MCUs with integrated USB modules.
22nd January 2007

Enhanced Platform Introduced for Software Defined Radio from Green Hills

Enhanced Platform Introduced for Software Defined Radio from Green Hills
Green Hills Software has announced that its mature, industry-leading Platform for Software Defined Radio (SDR) has been significantly enhanced through a broad range of technology integrations and partnerships, resulting in substantial new customer adoption. The Green Hills Platform for SDR continues to deliver support for the broadest range of SDR designs that require options for platform scalability, waveform development and debug, and integrated reference and deployment platforms.
19th January 2007

Development Tool from TI Adds High Speed ADC and Precision FIR Filter Target Boards

 Development Tool from TI Adds High Speed ADC and Precision FIR Filter Target Boards
Giving designers of portable, battery-powered applications added flexibility and functionality in a low cost, full-featured development environment, Texas Instruments target boards for the eZ430 development tool: the T2012 and the MSP-Mojo. At $10 for a pack of three target boards, the T2012 features the MSP430F2012 ultra-low power microcontroller (MCU) with an integrated high performance 200 ksps, 10-bit analog to digital converter (ADC). In a compact Universal Serial Bus (USB) stick form factor, the popular eZ430 evaluation and development tool allows both new users to evaluate the MSP430 MCU architecture in minutes and also gives experienced developers all the resources they need to complete an entire MSP430F20xx project from start to finish.
12th January 2007

CoWare Delivers Integration of Virtual Platforms with Lauterbach's TRACE32 PowerView Debugger

CoWare has announced the integration of the CoWare Virtual Platform product family with the Lauterbach Trace32 PowerView Debugger. The integration enables developers to debug software executing on a Virtual Platform with Lauterbach's leading debugger. It complements CoWare's Virtual Platformtechnology to deliver a complete development tool set, including the virtual platform execution environment, the virtual platform analyzer, and the processor software debugger. It also provides a single software-debugging interface from virtual platform-based design to production. Using the integration will result in faster, better, and lower cost software development.
10th January 2007

Class D amplifier reference designs from Zetex

 Class D amplifier reference designs from Zetex
Zetex Semiconductors has announced a series of subwoofer amplifier reference designs using a unique feedback architecture to minimise distortion and noise and achieve the high damping factors required for tight bass control.
9th January 2007

Tundra Semiconductor Reduces Price on Tsi148™ VME Bridge

Tundra Semiconductor Reduces Price on Tsi148™ VME Bridge
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, has significantly lowered the price for all new orders of its Tsi148™ VME Bridge. The Tsi148 is the industry's leading PCI/X-to-VME Bridge and the successful next-generation offering to the Tundra Universe™ II, the industry’s best selling VME-to-PCI Bus Bridge for embedded systems customers.
8th January 2007

Telelogic's UML Modeling Environment is free

Telelogic has announced the release of Telelogic Modeler, a free Unified Modeling Language (UML) design environment for engineers, designers, and developers of embedded, real-time, and enterprise IT applications.
8th January 2007

Jennic launches JN513x family second generation wireless microcontrollers

 Jennic launches JN513x family second generation wireless microcontrollers
Jennic has announced the commercial launch of its second generation wireless microcontrollers, the JN513x family, which realize a sub $3 price target in 100k+ units. In addition to achieving this new price threshold the devices provide performance, price and power improvements over the current JN5121 family. Coupled with the release of the wireless microcontroller family is a range of modules, evaluation kits, software and protocol stacks.
7th January 2007


QuickLogic Europe announces its 'Power Comparison Resource Package' that includes a low power programmable logic video, power comparison demo platform, a white paper created by a third-party consultant and a micro website. The purpose of this package is to help designers compare FPGAs and CPLDs between the leading vendors, in order to make the best decisions based on design power constraints and requirements.
5th January 2007

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