Raspberry Pi Portable Gaming Console

10th June 2013
ES Admin
element14 and Benjamin J. Heckendorn, aka Ben Heck, get creative in the latest episodes of The Ben Heck Show as he builds a fully functioning portable gaming console using the acclaimed Raspberry Pi Model B Board. Ben’s latest project will be featured in a two-part series, which launched today exclusively on the element14 Community.
##IMAGE_1_R##The project gives viewers a look at how accessible the Raspberry Pi mini-computer makes programming and developing for professional and aspiring engineers of all skill levels.

Ben uses recycled parts and a Raspberry Pi board to wire together an old USB joystick, battery, LCD screen and 5-volt power supply switch. Ben is transforming the Raspberry Pi into a new kind of handheld gaming system, which was first debuted at Maker Faire.

The build is just one example of the single-board computer’s many capabilities. The Raspberry Pi has been used to capture images from space, power robots, control home devices and teach children to program, a goal set by the original creators of the board.

Additionally, the gaming console will be given away in a contest hosted by element14. Fans of the show, developers and future engineers are invited to join the competition online at for a chance to win the Raspberry Pi build featured on the show. A dedicated Raspberry Pi discussion page is available to access helpful information, design tools and tutorials to create and program with the mini-computer.

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