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19th February 2015
Controller reacts instantaneously to any changes in output

Optimised to power FPGAs in telecomms, data communication and networking applications, the ZSPM1503 single-phase, true-digital power solution has been released by ZMDI. The device has the ability to regulate the output voltage within a tight tolerance of ±1% and minimise output ripple voltage to 5mV peak-to-peak or better, which is typically needed to power the core voltage for FPGAs with a 1.2V supply.

19th February 2015
Controller responds quickly to large step changes in current

Designed for non-isolated, high-current POL supplies in FPGA applications, the ZSPM1502 single-phase, true-digital power solution has been released by ZMDI. The PWM controller has been optimised to provide the ultra-fast transient load response typically needed for many higher performance FPGAs in telecomms equipment operating with a 1.0V supply.

18th February 2015
PWM controller is suitable for cloud data storage equipment

  Designed for non-isolated, high-current PoL supplies, the ZSPM1501 single-phase true-digital power solution has been released by ZMDI.

18th February 2015
True digital PWM controller measures just 4x4mm

A configurable true digital PWM controller, with integrated MOSFET driver for smart digital PoL solutions, has been released by ZMDI. The ZSPM2000 operates as a synchronous step-down converter in a single-rail, single-phase configuration. The company’s Tru-Sample Technology and State-Law Control algorithms ensure best-in-class transient performance and steady-state behaviour.

17th February 2015
PVM controllers simplify design & speed time-to-market

ZMDI has released the first six products of the ZSPM15xx family of single-phase true-digital power solutions for non-isolated, high-current POL applications. The company collaborated with Würth Elektronik on this project, optimising the ZSPM15xx family for Würth high performance inductors. 

16th February 2015
Altium CAD libraries available for ZMDI products

ZMDI has collaborated with Altium to develop new schematic and board-level CAD libraries for ZMDI’s products. The libraries, which help engineers expedite their designs, are available directly from the Altium CAD software. Links to the Altium libraries are now available on ZMDI’s website, and can be downloaded for offline use.

16th February 2015
System basis chips suit safety-critical environments

Two fully automotive-qualified, high-precision data-acquisition System Basis Chips (SBCs) have been released by ZMDI. For simultaneous measurement of battery voltage and current as well as internal and external temperatures, the ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751 feature two high-precision, high-resolution ADCs. 

13th February 2015
Controllers power next-gen enterprise networking equipment

ZMDI has released the ZSPM1505 and ZSPM1506 single–phase true–digital power controllers, which are optimised for powering auxiliary power rails for FPGAs in enterprise networking and storage applications. These devices expand the company’s energy-efficient Power Management ICs product line for enterprise networking and storage applications.

12th February 2015
Digital power controller minimises output voltage deviation

The ZSPM1504, a single-phase true-digital power controller optimised for powering SoC supplies in embedded computing applications, has been released by ZMDI. The ZSPM15xx family features ZMDI’s Sub-Cycle Response technique to drive the digital pulse width modulation asynchronously during load transients. This enables the controller to minimise the output voltage deviation and allow the output capacitors to recharge faster. It permits t...

12th February 2015
ZMDI contributes to mobile sensor specification

As a member of the MIPI Alliance, ZMDI has contributed to the development of the MIPI I3CSM digital interface specification targeted at mobile sensor applications. MIPI I3CSM was introduced on 5th November 2014 by MIPI Alliance in conjunction with the MEMS Executive Congress. The name MIPI SenseWireSM applies to the use of I3CSM in mobile devices connecting to a set of sensors directly or indirectly. 

Events News
3rd June 2014
ZMDI to exhibit at Sensors Expo & Conference

ZMDI will be exhibiting at the international Sensors Expo & Conference in Rosemont, Illinois, June 24-26, 2014. Attendees are invited to visit ZMDI's demonstration booth located in the main hall at #1008 and to arrange a meeting with ZMDI's sensor signal conditioning experts at Sensors Expo 2014. Visitors will have a firsthand look at ZMDI's latest technology.

22nd April 2014
Sensor signal conditioning IC for resistive bridge sensors

ZMDI has announced a sensor signal conditioning family capable of measuring single, dual or differential bridge inputs and internal or external temperature sensors. With a wide analog pre-amplification range, the ZSSC416x family is capable of highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific correction for most resistive bridge sensors as well as thermocouple readings. Measured values are provided via the digital SENT 3.0 output or I2C.

22nd April 2014
True-digital 25A POL solution from ZMDI and Murata

ZMDI and Murata Power Solutions announce a true-digital 25A point-of-load (POL) solution. ZMDI’s ZSPM1025 single-phase digital PWM controller family ICs for non-isolated DC/DC supplies, combined with Murata Power Solution’s single-phase 25A surface-mount power block, provide a quick route to proven, high-performance smart digital power solutions.

22nd April 2014
Energy-efficient DC/DC regulator provides 12A output

Suited for non-isolated step-down applications, the ZSPM4023 is a single-phase buck regulator with integrated driver and power FETs. The energy-efficient DC/DC regulator, manufactured by ZMDI, is capable of leveraging a wide input voltage range and supporting up to 12A of output current.

Mixed Signal/Analog
22nd April 2014
Sensor signal conditioning IC for calibration functions

Suited for linearisation and calibration functions, ZMDI has introduced the ZSSC3027, a 16-bit sensor signal conditioning IC (SSC) with an integrated 18-bit digital signal processor (DSP). The sensor interface IC combines the 18-bit DSP, high accuracy amplification and 16-bit precision analog-to-digital conversion.

17th April 2014
Digital RGB/ambient light and proximity sensor IC

Expanding its family of low-power ICs for hand held and mobile sensing applications, ZMDI has launched the ZOPT3100, a leading-edge RGB/ambient light and proximity sensor IC. It integrates an ambient light sensor (ALS), a colour sensor (CS), and a proximity sensor (PS), as well as an integrated IR LED driver on a single chip.

17th April 2014
PWM controller IC for non-isolated DC/DC POLs

ZMDI announces a fully configurable true-digital, high-performance PWM controller IC for non-isolated, step-down DC/DC point-of-load (POL) supplies. The ZSPM1005 operates in a single-phase and single-rail configuration. ZMDI is following its roadmap for smart power management by adding another ZSPM IC family member targeted for FPGA designs and POL power modules for single-phase applications including telecommunication, base stations, servers and...

31st May 2013
ZMDI Launches ZSSC3036 Sensor Signal Conditioning IC

ZMD AG today announces the launch of the ZSSC3036, a leading-edge 16-bit sensor signal conditioning IC with an integrated 18-bit digital signal processor for linearization and calibration functions. ZMDI has developed the ZSSC3036 to expand its family of 16-bit SSC ICs for calibrated resistive sensor modules.

7th November 2012
ZMDI Expands its Smart Power Management Product Portfolio with the ZSPM9060, a Next-Generation DrMos Device for Highest Energy Efficiency

ZMD AG (ZMDI) today announces the release of the ZSPM9060, a next-generation, fully optimized, ultra-compact, integrated MOSFET-plus-driver (DrMOS) power stage solution for energy-efficient, high-current, high-frequency, synchronous buck DC-DC applications.

3rd July 2012
ZMDI Comes To The Market With Two New Automotive IC's

ZMD AG announces the ZSSC1856 and ZSSC3154 Automotive IC's . The ZSSC1856 is the first member of a new Battery Power Management product line. The ZSSC1856 features two high-precision 18-bit Sigma/Delta ADCs with an on-chip voltage reference. Designed for ultra-low power consumption, the ZSSC1856 uses less than 100μA in Sleep Mode and comes in a PQFN32 5mm x 5mm package only 0.85mm high.

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