Controller reacts instantaneously to any changes in output

19th February 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

Optimised to power FPGAs in telecomms, data communication and networking applications, the ZSPM1503 single-phase, true-digital power solution has been released by ZMDI. The device has the ability to regulate the output voltage within a tight tolerance of ±1% and minimise output ripple voltage to 5mV peak-to-peak or better, which is typically needed to power the core voltage for FPGAs with a 1.2V supply.

The ZSPM15xx family features the company’s Tru-sample Technology, which reduces phase-lag caused by sampling delays, minimises noise sensitivity and improves transient performance. Tru-sample Technology enables the devices to acquire fast, accurate and continuous information about the output voltage so that they can react instantaneously to any changes in the output voltage. The ZSPM1503 is pre-configured to provide customers with a fast time-to-market and easy-to-design digitally controlled power solution with one of ZMDI’s integrated MOSFET power-stage DrMOS products: the ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, ZSPM9015 or ZSPM9060. The device permits users to easily select the over-current protection limit, output voltage rise time and control loop compensation via two external resistors to achieve the highest performance in their application.

The ZSPM1503 is capable of supporting loads up to 35A with the popular bus voltage of 1.2V. The company also provides BOMs and circuit board layouts to improve customer design cycles, reduce external component cost and minimise application footprint size.

“Many of the high performance FPGAs in telecomms, data communication and networking equipment require tightly regulated supply voltages to ensure the FPGA functions at its optimum performance,” said Hensen Wong, Product Marketing Manager, Power Management Division, ZMDI. “ZMDI is able to provide customers with a fast time-to-market with a highly accurate and low-noise power solution.”

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