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Yamaichi Electronics is a market leader for connectors, connection systems and Test & Burn-In sockets. Yamaichi has quickly established itself on the world market as a manufacturer of high-quality components for demanding applications in various markets: semiconductor, industrial automation, automotive, measurement & testing and others.

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17th February 2021
Board-to-board connectors for high-speed applications

The floating board-to-board connector system of the HF301 series from Yamaichi is a solution for connecting two PCBs. The floating mechanism allows for the smooth functioning even during shock and vibration. The HF301 is therefore intended for use under difficult environmental conditions.

3rd August 2020
International standard for M12 push-pull inner locking

The push-pull version of the M12 connector with inner locking from Yamaichi Electronics is an M12 push-pull design, which has been defined as an international standard (IEC 61076-2-012). Therefore, M12 push-pull design-ins are possible now for M12 push-pull systems, without using proprietary solutions.

12th May 2020
Extension of the Yamaichi push-pull connector series

Yamaichi Electronics is continuously extending the Y-Circ P product portfolio. The latest versions are sockets with angled contact outputs. Different versions were designed. Sockets with exposed angled contacts and angled sockets with housings for improved signal shielding are available.

2nd March 2020
Push-pull connector with protection rating IP68

The waterproof T-series of the Y-Circ P push-pull connector family from Yamaichi Electronics has now been qualified for up to 5,000 mating cycles. In addition, the connectors are now available in size 09, 12, 15 and 18.

15th January 2020
Taking the next innovation step in the field of M12 connectors

With the M12 push-pull with inner locking, Yamaichi is taking the next innovation step in the field of M12 connectors. The cable-side connector engages into the device socket from the inside with locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires only the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking. With this technology, it is possible to completely insert the M12 socket into the device, e.g. to integrate it ...

3rd April 2019
Field-mountable connector for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications

  Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its Y-Circ M12 product portfolio with a new field-mountable connector for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. The new connector is suitable for use in typical CAT.6A applications, e.g. in the communication cabling of automation control systems.

27th July 2018
Y-Con RJ45 Jack-7x with magnetics, light pipes and tab-up

A reflow-capable RJ45 jack is available in the industrial Y-Con RJ45 series. The socket for 100Mbit/s basically consists of a base body with 90° orientation of the connector to the solder pins, along with the 'Tab-up' tab orientation. The individual types vary in features to ensure that the right product can be selected to meet customer needs. The jack optionally has machine-wound transformers, additional integrated power contacts and re...

8th August 2017
High speed connector system offers direct locking feature

Suitable for several markets such as industry, automotive, and data networking, Yamaichi Electronics has launched a new 0.5mm pitch high-speed transmission FPC connector. The main features include the ability to transmit up to 20Gbps, the compact design and the direct locking feature for the FPC. The first advantage is the high-speed ability. Using Yamaichi Electronics' original FPC called YFLEX the system is able to transmit ...

21st July 2017
Connector enables 400Gbps Ethernet applications

Yamaichi Electronics provides CFP high-speed connectors for hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factors to enable 100 and 400Gbps applications. Yamaichi Electronics has developed a new connector for the recent CFP8 specification for 400Gbps applications. It is compliant with the CFP MSA Multi-Source Agreement. The company claims that the CFP8 connector is one of the few connectors on the world market able to achieve the transmission rate of 40...

1st March 2017
Hermaphroditic push-pull connector has easy assembly

Having introduced its B series to the market, Yamaichi Electronics' S series is now available with a hermaphroditic connector. The S series, like the B series, is implemented in protection class IP50. Yamaichi Electronics is continuing to develop the push-pull circular connector series Y-Circ P.

Test & Measurement
2nd September 2016
Kelvin test contactors ensure reliable testing of smartphone ICs

Yamaichi Electronics presents Kelvin test contactors in QFN, SOP and QFP packages for use in the lab and on the test floor. The arms race in thin and lightweight, but still powerful consumer devices such as smartphones relies on high integrity of sensitive functions on a semiconductor component. For the semiconductor manufacturer to be able to guarantee that functionality, the test equipment has to be correspondingly powerful.

9th June 2016
56Gb/s connector system suits analogue coherent optics & CFP2 modules

Yamaichi has developed a CFP2 56Gbps host and plug connector system for analogue coherent optics modules or CFP2 modules requiring reliable high-speed performance. This connector system is able to support applications using 25Gb/s x 10 channels or 50Gb/s x 4 channels.

19th April 2016
Yamaichi offers HDMI interfaces for all five versions

The HDMI interface (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a well-known product on the market. First developed in 2004, it has already moved up to specification 2.0a and is available in a total of five different versions/types. Versions A, B and C are the older connector type standards. The base version A has 19 contacts, version B (on request) is for high-resolution transmission with 29 contacts and C is the 19-pin mini-version.

22nd March 2016
Universal IC test sockets suit different package types

Suitable for different package types, making them versatile, flexible and universal, Yamaichi Electronics has announced the IC561, IC564 and NP584 series test solution sockets. The miniaturisation and integration process of state-of-the art IC components is leading the major electronics manufacturers to use many different package solutions. For the multitude of different package types there is often no standard solution available.

3rd February 2016
CAT6A expands Yamaichi's M12 & push-pull connector offering

Yamaichi Electronics continues build out its Y-Circ M M12 product series and Y-Circ P push-pull circular connector series with a CAT6A version in each series. The M12 in CAT6A is IP68 protected and meets the strictest quality standards for secure contact. The same is true of the CAT6A push-pull in IP50. This is particularly vital for demanding applications in industrial environments.

23rd December 2015
Display port connections send high-resolution images

The Display Port interface is the next consistent development of connectors that permit higher transmission rates for devices like high-resolution displays. In the consumer market segment, this interface has already become established as standard for the loss-free transmission of high-resolution video and sound. Its primary application is to connect screens and televisions to computers, DVD players and similar devices.

16th November 2015
Connector features locking for the best possible vibration resistance

A new model in the Y-Con line of industrial RJ45 connectors from Yamaichi Electronics provides a special IP20 locking for the CAT6A version of the series. This CAT6A version is called Y-ConProfix. The plug and jack are both available. The stainless steel locking mechanism can easily be assembled to the Y-ConProfix without the use of tools.

9th October 2015
Crimp version added to push-pull circular connector series

Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its Push-Pull circular connector series, Y-Circ P, announcing the addition of a crimp version. Yamaichi Electronics has now also started to deliver products with crimp contacts, delivering the company's best combination of functionality and cost in one product.

24th August 2015
UHD-II SD card readers support transmission up to 312Mb/s

Yamaichi Electronics has announced a series of UHSII SD card readers. UHS-II is the second version of the Ultra High Speed (UHS) bus classification for SD Flash memory cards. The FPS017T series extends the SD card reader family and also represents a practical extension to the High Speed product line, for which Yamaichi offers a variety of internal and I/O connectors.

13th July 2015
HSD transmits signals using LVDS

  The FAKRA and HSD series from Yamaichi Electronics, first presented at IZB in Wolfsburg in 2014, has been expanded. The HF109P is the latest member of the HSD family, joining the HF107P, an HSD with a ring shield and the HF108P, an HSD with two additional power contacts.

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