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12th September 2017
Confidence-inspiring SUV designed for city living

A new standard of safety and user experience is being brought to the table from the premium carmaker, Volvo Cars. The company is introducing the features in the small SUV premium segment with the launch of the new Volvo XC40 this autumn. Developed around the challenges of modern city life, the XC40 aims to make the daily urban commute less stressful and more enjoyable, as drivers in the segment can now rely on the award-winning safety, conne...

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7th March 2017
SUV revealed at Geneva Motor Show is both safe and powerful

At the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo Cars revealed the new XC60 premium SUV. The car replaces Volvo’s successful original XC60, which, according to the company, in the nine years since its launch became the bestselling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe with nearly a million units sold globally. The XC60 today represents around 30% of Volvo’s total global sales.

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2nd March 2017
SUV automatically steers you away from trouble

Volvo Cars has announced that the XC60 SUV – which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show – will feature three new advanced driver assistance features aimed at keeping the driver out of trouble. The new safety features are designed to provide the driver with automatic steering assistance or support – when required – to help avoid potential collisions. Volvo believes that these new features will make the new XC60 one of ...

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11th January 2017
Autonomous car development puts people in the driving seat

With the introduction of a family of four at the Detroit Motor Show, Volvo Cars has revealed its distinctive approach to developing autonomous cars. The Hain family, from Gothenburg in Sweden, are the first people chosen to take part in a real-life autonomous drive research program using real cars, in real traffic.

3rd January 2017
App drives in-car productivity to the next level

  Microsoft’s collaborative productivity app, Skype for Business, will be introduced to Volvo Cars' new 90 Series cars. Volvo Cars is the first carmaker to launch such an in-car productivity tool.

21st November 2016
Never stop to refuel again with concierge service

With its range of concierge services, Volvo Cars promises that you will never have to stop at a petrol station, go to a car wash or even take your car in for service ever again. These services will become an integrated part of the Volvo On Call mobile platform. Volvo is announcing the roll-out of a pilot programme in San Francisco.

29th April 2016
UK's most ambitious autonomous driving trial

Volvo Cars is to begin the UK's most ambitious autonomous driving trial next year to speed up the introduction of a technology that promises to massively reduce car accidents as well as free up congested roads and save drivers valuable time. The Swedish company, whose name has been synonymous with automotive safety ever since it invented the three-point seatbelt in 1959, is pioneering the development of Autonomous Driving (AD) systems globally as...

8th April 2016
Driverless car trials on public roads

At a recent event in Beijing, it has been announced that car manufacturer Volvo will conduct a driverless car trial on public roads in an as yet unannounced city in the country. A spokesperson for Volvo, which is Chinese-owned, highlighted that autonomous cars are developing rapidly in China and actually has undertaken a far higher number of driverless cars tests than the more widely publicised Google trials in the US.

29th February 2016
The 'first' car without a key

For decades, drivers have been accustomed to accessing and driving cars with physical keys. But no longer. In a ground-breaking move for the automotive industry, Volvo Cars plans to become the world’s first car manufacturer to offer cars without keys from 2017.

25th January 2016
Volvo hopes to develop deathproof cars by 2020

Back in 2007, Volvo announced its lofty goal of not having anyone killed or seriously injured in its cars. The Sweden-based company saw the writing on the wall, so to speak, and realised at the time that sensors and other technologies could be included in cars to greatly reduce the chance of getting into an accident. So as technology advanced, the company began to roll out new safety features into its cars each year.

9th January 2014
Volvo and POC strike safety partnership

A partnership aiming to develop high-tech protective gear for gravity sports athletes has been struck by Volvo and Swedish company POC.

28th August 2013
Volvo Pedals To Success In Techies Awards With Revolutionary Cyclist Detection System

Volvo Car UK has earned industry recognition for their revolutionary Cyclist Detection system after winning the Best Car Safety System award at the 2013 BusinessCar Fleet Technology awards - the Techies.

12th March 2013
Volvo Cars Launches In-Dash, Voice-Activated Spotify Through Sensus Connected Touch

Volvo Car Group today launches an integrated, voice activated music system through a partnership with digital music service, Spotify. The solution is fully integrated into the dash through Volvo's Sensus Connected Touch.

12th March 2013
Volvo Car Group reveals world-first Cyclist Detection with full auto brake in Geneva

Doug Speck, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Car Group, literally rolled out another Volvo world first in automotive safety at a press conference at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. He introduced the groundbreaking safety feature - a technology that detects and automatically brakes for cyclists swerving out in front of the car - by entering the stage on a bicycle.

28th November 2012
Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid - Highest Safety Score Ever For An Electrified Car In Euro NCAP

Volvo Car Group has a philosophy that an electrified car should be as safe as any other new Volvo car. This is now highlighted by the latest Euro NCAP results. The new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid has achieved the highest ever score for a plug-in hybrid. The five stars in the recent test, which included a frontal offset collision at 64 km/h (40 mph), demonstrates that the V60 Plug-in Hybrid has the same high safety level as the standard V60.

20th November 2012
Volvo Car Corporation Ramps Up Production Of The World'S First Diesel Plug-In Hybrid

Volvo Car Corporation is now ramping up production of the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid ahead of first customer deliveries in early 2013. After the initial batch of 1,000 model year 2013 cars, production will increase to 4,000-6,000 cars from model year 2014.

18th October 2012
Volvo Car Corporation Still Leads Airbag Development After 25 Life-Saving Years

The first Volvo car equipped with an airbag left the assembly line in 1987 - and since then the company has extended the technology with several world-firsts. Volvo was first with both the seat-mounted side airbag and the Inflatable Curtain (IC) - and in 2012 the technology's 25th anniversary was celebrated with the introduction of the groundbreaking pedestrian airbag in the all-new Volvo V40.

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20th March 2012
The all-new Volvo V40 - Volvo Sensus: New, personalised instrument cluster

An uncomplicated driver experience is a key factor in the continuous development of the high-tech Volvo Sensus infotainment system. In the Volvo V40, the driver-centric approach is enhanced with a new, fully graphic instrument cluster that allows the driver to personalise instrument layout and the information provided. The connectivity features include a mobile application that keeps the driver in touch with the car when it is parked.

20th March 2012
Volvo Car Corporation partner in development of smart charging concept for electric cars

Volvo Car Corporation's focus on connectivity technology also includes smart features for charging of electric vehicles. The company is one of the partners in the research project ELVIIS (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure) that develops a smart on-board concept for controlling, measuring and paying for electricity when charging via any outlet.

13th December 2011
The Volvo V60 Plug-In-Hybrid - The Most Technically-Advances Volco Model Ever

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid and is Volvo Car Corporation's most technically advanced model ever - an electric car, hybrid car and muscle-car all rolled into one. At the touch of a button, the driver can choose which of the three cars they want to drive at any given moment.

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