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Vishay has grown through acquisitions to include such top names as Dale, Sfernice, Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Siliconix, General Semiconductor, BCcomponents, and Beyschlag. Vishay's portfolio of brands represents an unmatched collection of discrete semiconductors and passive components. All of these brands and products are part of one global manufacturer: Vishay.

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27th September 2022
Vishay's transformer/inductor simplifies PCB layouts

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new resonant transformer for inductor-inductor-capacitor (LLC) applications that features both the transformer and an integrated inductor in a single package.

15th September 2022
Vishay UVC emitting diodes offer high radiant power

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two UVC (short wavelength ultraviolet) emitting diodes in a ceramic / quartz-based package for sterilization in medical, industrial, and consumer applications.

Component Management
13th September 2022
Vishay Intertechnology introduces FRED Pt Gen 5 rectifiers

Vishay Intertechnology introduces 15 FRED Pt Gen 5 600V and 1200V Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers in the compact SOT-227 package.

30th August 2022
Vishay Intertechnology delivers 155A ratings in 6767 case size

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced the AEC-Q200 qualified IHSR high temperature inductor with current ratings to 155 A in the 19.0mm by 17.1mm by 7.0mm 6767 case size.

Component Management
22nd August 2022
Vishay Intertechnology introduces four FRED Pt gen 5 600V rectifiers in the TO-244 package

Offering excellent conduction and switching loss trade-off for devices, the 240A, 300A, 480A, and 600A Vishay Semiconductors rectifiers are designed to increase the efficiency of medium frequency power converters and of hard- and soft-switched or resonant designs.

15th August 2022
Power aluminium capacitors target solar

Vishay Intertechnology has upgraded the Vishay BCcomponents 193 PUR-SI Solar series of snap-in power aluminium capacitors with a higher rated voltage of 570 V and a category voltage of 475 V.

18th July 2022
Space-saving optical sensor features CTR of 33 %

A new AEC-Q101 qualified reflective optical sensor for automotive, smart home, industrial, and office applications has been released by the optoelectronics division of Vishay Intertechnology.

30th June 2022
NTC thermistor offers versatile mounting options

Devices support wire bonding, soldering, and nano-silver paste sintering, withhigh resistance to leaching, formic acid etching, and forming gasses

6th June 2022
NYE to distribute Vishay’s wet tantalum capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a Wet Tantalum Capacitor that delivers high capacitance per voltage rating and case size for this device type. The new Vishay EP2 Wet Tantalum Capacitor offers industry-high capacitance, mechanical robustness for military and avionics systems.

3rd June 2022
Vishay TRANSZORB TVS offer high surge capability to 3kW

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new series of surface-mount TRANSZORB bidirectional transient voltage suppressors (TVS) in the SMC (DO-214AB) package for automotive, industrial, and telecom applications.

27th May 2022
Wet tantalum capacitor boasts mechanical robustness

To meet the needs of military and avionics applications, Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a high energy wet tantalum capacitor that is claimed to deliver  the industry's highest capacitance per voltage rating and case size for this device type.

16th May 2022
Vishay Intertechnology Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistor

Vishay Intertechnology Thin Film Wraparound Chip Resistor offers power to 1 W, resistance from 39 Ω to 900 kΩ in four small case sizes.  Available in case sizes rom 0402 to 1206, high precision device enables miniaturization and increases reliability

25th April 2022
Reliability, durability enhanced in position sensor

A new miniature position sensor with a small 12.7 mm outer diameter has been released by Vishay Intertechnology.

3rd March 2022
Vishay releases commercial and automotive grade shield inductors

Vishay Intertechnology has expanded its IHLE series of low profile, high current inductors featuring integrated E-field shields for the reduction of EMI with commercial and automotive grade devices in the 5mm by 5mm by 3.4mm 2020 case size.

15th February 2022
Vishay IR Emitters Deliver Higher Radiant Intensity

For High Drive Currents to 1.5 A DC and 5 A Pulsed, 850 nm and 940 nm Devices Offer Radiant Intensity to 6,000 mW/sr in 3.4 mm by 3.4 mm SMD Packages.

10th February 2022
Vishay Intertechnology AEC-Q200 qualified actuator

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a AEC-Q200 qualified customisable haptic feedback actuator offering 12V operation for LCD displays, touchscreens, and touch switches in automotive applications.

27th January 2022
Resistance range of MC AT precision series

Vishay Intertechnology, announced that the company has enhanced its MC AT precision series of Automotive Grade thin film chip resistors with a wider range of resistance values in the 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes.

24th January 2022
PIN photodiode delivers peak sensitivity of 950 nm

A new Automotive Grade 4-quadrant silicon PIN photodiode in a standard surface-mount package has been introduced by the Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology.

10th December 2021
Common mode choke resists shock and vibrations

An IHCM common mode choke for high current commercial applications to 35 A has been introduced by Vishay Intertechnology.

6th December 2021
High temperature inductor operates at +155 °C

A new AEC-Q200 qualified IHSR high temperature inductor in the 7.4mm by 6.6mm by 3.0mm 2525 case size has been released by Vishay Intertechnology.

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