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13th October 2017
Increasing the safety of electronic toys

All toys distributed and marketed in the EU, electronic or not, must comply with the requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. This defines the minimum safety requirements for all toys. In addition, the directive also defines a number of properties specific to electrical and electronic toys.

1st August 2017
LED pilot light provides uniform illumination

Global provider of indication and specialty illumination solutions, VCC, has launched a high-performance LED pilot light that uses advanced light diffusion lens technology to eliminate hot spots and offer uniform illumination. The IP65-rated PCL22 series is designed for industrial and critical applications where indication is vital, a wide viewing angle is required, and lamp replacement is difficult or costly.

10th April 2017
LED panel mount indicator reduces inventory cost

A watertight IP67-rated LED panel mount indicator with an optical low-profile lens has been launched by VCC. The PML50 series panel mount indicator with FlexVolt technology features a built-in bright LED that provides uniform illumination for applications that require consistent identification and communication through light. The PML50 series achieves full brightness in microseconds - even in daylight viewing conditions.

22nd March 2017
Brightness LED indicator has built-in 12V resistors

The new LTHxMM12V Series has been launched as a through hole LED indicator with a built-in resistor for 12V DC applications, by VCC. The built-in resistor not only simplifies and accelerates the design and manufacturing processes, but also offers significant space and cost savings by eliminating the need for an additional resistor.

5th December 2016
LED-based touch sensor display features intuitive interface

A capacitive touch sensor display that provides a more intuitive interface to ease and accelerate user interactions has been developed by VCC. The LED-based CTH series capacitive touch sensor display combines graphic interactive control with colour identification to make the interface more user-friendly.

18th October 2016
Manufacturer partnership helps customers design products

To better serve its European customers, VCC has partnered with European electronics and optical manufacturer representative Ismosys. The strategic partnership increases VCC’s illumination and indication design engineering and support resources throughout Europe, enabling it to help more customers from product design and prototyping through production and supply chain management.

16th October 2016
Right angle LED circuit board indicator

VCC has added a 3mm right angle SMD circuit board indicator. The 6300T series is designed for low to high volume manufacturing and, as it is compatible with automated assembly equipment, it is said  to reduce assembly labour time and cost.

8th August 2016
Rugged LED panel mount indicator maximises light distribution

A rugged 5mm LED indicator with an innovative reflector that maximises light output and distribution has been released by VCC. The robust L65 series LED indicator has a recessed design that offers a 30 or 45° viewing angle. The small L65 series LED panel mount indicators provide high contrast, fast on/off cycling, low energy consumption and low heat output, which delivers long operating life of more than 100,000 hours.

17th May 2016
Robust LED panel mount indicators suit frequent on/off cycling

VCC has announced a 3mm diffused LED indicator with a robust body and round protruding LED position that offers a viewing angle up to 50°. The L63 series achieves full brightness in microseconds and is suited for use in applications that are subject to frequent on/off cycling including aircraft instrumentation, industrial control panels, transportation dashboards and more.

15th March 2016
Panel mount indicator delivers superior daytime visibility

VCC has developed a high brightness LED panel mount indicator series that achieves full brightness in microseconds - even in daylight viewing. Front panel snap-in mounting eases installation, leading to a significant reduction in assembly time and cost. Snaps fit into 1.27mm (0.500") panel hole and requires no additional hardware.

15th December 2015
Light pipe features frosted surface for softer glow

Featuring a diffused, frosted surface texture for enhanced scattering of bright field light (to provide a softer glow), VCC has announced a family of rigid light pipes. The 3mm LFB series and 5mm LFC series light pipes easily extend light from the board to the desired surface for applications where bright, hot indication would not be pleasing to the eye.

18th September 2015
VCC reduces lead times & lowers minimum order quantities

VCC has recently enhanced its procurement and manufacturing practices to drop lead times in half for its most important panel mount indicator products. Previously, the LED, incandescent and neon indicators were available with leads times ranging up to 16 weeks.

31st March 2015
Flexible light pipe features NEMA 4 protection

VCC has released a flexible light pipe made of a robust anodised aluminium body that delivers NEMA 4 protection from the elements. Designed for harsh conditions and outdoor environments, the ruggedised FLXR series lightpipe provides ESD protection, is resistant to shock and vibration and also features a low profile that offer anti-vandalism defence.

26th February 2015
LED panel mount indicator offers drip-proof protection

VCC has announced an LED panel mount indicator with a robust metal body that provides drip-proof protection. The watertight L60 series indicator utilises a tinted diffused LED with a 45° viewing angle and is suited for applications including automotive, aerospace, industrial, instrumentation, medical, military, mining, outdoor, safety, transportation and vending/gaming machines.

21st January 2015
Panel mount LED indicator maximises light output

Featuring a dome-shaped clear lens with a wide viewing angle, VCC has introduced a LED panel mount indicator series which optimises light visibility and detection. The CNX718 series high intensity 11/16" LED indicator maximises light output and also offers good sunlight visibility.

3rd October 2014
Light modelling & vision simulation identifies hot spots

To predict light behaviour, LED light modelling and human vision simulation design service are being offered by VCC. These services provide a complete analysis of all photometric and colourimetric characteristics of any product design. Cross section, contrast, iso-curves, spectral and chromaticity coordinates are combined for analysis.

26th September 2014
Panel-mount LED indicators are IP67 & NEMA 6P rated

Designed with a wide viewable angle enabling bright visibility even in direct sunlight, VCC has introduced a series of 22mm panel-mount LED indicators. The CNX 722 series TuffLED indicators feature IP67 and NEMA 6P ratings and are resistant to shock, vibration and moisture. This ensures safe and reliable operation in harsh environments.

4th September 2014
Lens assemblies target heavy-duty panel applications

Designed to meet the needs of indoor indication lighting and harsh environment applications, VCC has introduced low-profile button type lens assemblies. Featuring simple and fast assembly, reliability and ruggedness, the CMS 442 and HMS 462 series suit heavy-duty panel applications requiring advanced NEMA 4 and moisture-proof protection.

14th August 2014
Moisture-sealed light pipes suit harsh environments

Rugged linear light pipes, developed to provide up to NEMA 6P and IP67 ratings, have been introduced by VCC. The LCS series of pipes, which are moisture-sealed, are an expansion of the company's existing LMS series of rugged linear light pipes. Offered in lengths of 0.33-1.33", the 5mm threaded moisture sealed pipes feature a 0.312" panel opening.

10th July 2014
LED replacement lamps last 10 times longer than incandescent

A series of LED replacements for incandescent lamps, claimed to have ten times the lifespan, has been introduced by VCC. The lamps, which are designed to provide high brightness indication with low current draw and heat generation, feature lifespans of 100,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs. Using VCC lamp holders, the lamps are easy to install.

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