Brightness LED indicator has built-in 12V resistors

22nd March 2017
Anna Flockett

The new LTHxMM12V Series has been launched as a through hole LED indicator with a built-in resistor for 12V DC applications, by VCC. The built-in resistor not only simplifies and accelerates the design and manufacturing processes, but also offers significant space and cost savings by eliminating the need for an additional resistor.

The built-in resistor improves the device's overall reliability for use in a multitude of applications such as automotive industry, boats, landscape lighting, storage servers and is suitable for outdoor applications.

Available in a 3mm T1 version (LTH3MM12V) and a 5mm T1¾ (LTH5MM12V) version, the through hole LED indicators offer light output for readability in sunlight.

Its flange lead frame style makes the LTHxMM12V suitable for status indication and display applications. The indicators have a domed top with a water-clear lens that is produced in a variety of colours including red, green, blue, yellow, and white.

Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development and Marketing at VCC commented: "The new LTH Series combines high brightness indication and excellent daytime readability with reliable performance and design simplicity, as it can be connected to a 12V power supply without additional components.”

The LTHxMM12V is compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements.

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