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12th June 2013
TRW Launches Its Next Generation Seat Belt Pretensioner

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp is now delivering its next generation SPR4 (Snake Pretensioner Retractor) seat belt assembly for its worldwide customers and is launching the product in North America, Europe and China.

8th April 2013
TRW Earns Chrysler Innovation Award Recognition For Lane Centering Assist

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp has been recognized by the Chrysler Group LLC's Innovation group with a 2012 Innovation Award for User Experience and Driver Assistance in the development of Lane Centering Assist systems.

3rd April 2012
TRW Develops Green Driver Airbag Modules

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp has developed a range of driver airbag modules made of regenerative plastic material, which offers a number of environmental benefits. The Company is the first to develop the new, greener module where components, including the airbag cover and retainer plate, are now made from a new, bio-based material.

3rd April 2012
TRW Announces First Contract for Active Buckle Lifter Seat Belt Technology

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp today announced the first production contract for its Active Buckle Lifter (ABL) seat belt technology. The contract is with a major European vehicle manufacturer and will start production in 2013. The system will be launched on the rear seats, but is also available for front seat applications.

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3rd April 2012
TRW Introduces Touchpad Technology

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. has today unveiled its new capacitive touchpad sensor incorporating advanced handwriting recognition software to help drivers and passengers coordinate and operate a variety of functions within the car. The new touchpad has the advantages of improved human machine interface (HMI), advanced recognition functionality and smaller packaging and greater design freedom within the driver cabin.

19th January 2012
TRW Unveils New Generation of Adaptive Airbags to Help Protect Passengers

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp today announcing its next generation of adaptive frontal passenger airbags. TRW's dual contour passenger airbag is capable of adjusting both the airbag pressure and size to help tailor protection according to occupant size and other variables of a crash.

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19th January 2012
TRW Multi-Graphic Projection Display Transforms Traditional Control Systems

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp through its Body Control Systems business, is transforming traditional technologies such as keypad entry systems to offer control of a variety of options at the touch of a fingertip.

1st November 2011
TRW Unveils Next Generation Radar Concept

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp is today announcing its next development in radar technology for 360 degree sensing around a vehicle, to enable multiple safety and convenience functions and further enhance driver safety. As a leader in advanced safety, TRW's intelligent or cognitive solutions are making the latest safety innovations accessible across all vehicle segments.

1st November 2011
TRW Unveils New Hybrid Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp has developed its next generation tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) – a hybrid system which uses a combination of sensing technologies to provide automatic location functionality.

1st November 2011
TRW Multi-Axis Acceleration Sensors Offer Performance Advantages to Help Meet Advanced Safety Regulation

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp is developing remote acceleration sensors (RAS) offering improved crash sensing performance by detecting impacts from more than one direction simultaneously

4th August 2011
TRW to Highlight 'Safety for Everyone' at IAA Motor Show 2011

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp announced plans to highlight its commitment to 'the safety everyone deserves' at this year's Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), International Motorshow, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 13 – 25 September. The Company will demonstrate how it is developing advanced safety technologies suitable for all vehicle platforms, in all markets.

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