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18th March 2016
Hydride-ion conduction has potential for next-gen batteries

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology in collaboration with colleagues in Japan demonstrate the first electrochemical reaction based on hydride ions in an oxide-based solid-state cell for potential next-gen batteries. Ionic transport has been studied extensively over the years for energy devices such as fuel cells and batteries using Li+, H+, Ag+, Cu+, F–, and O2–. Yet as Genki Kobayashi and Ryoji Kanno point out in a recent rep...

17th August 2015
The world's first pneumatic endoscope manipulator

In August 2015, Riverfield will begin selling the world's first pneumatically controlled surgical assist robot that can smoothly manipulate endoscopes to increase a surgeon's control and precision. Riverfield, a Tokyo-based venture company launched by the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), has built a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use surgical assist robot called EMARO.

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5th August 2015
Thin films offer promise for ferroelectric devices

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology demystify the ferroelectric properties observed in hafnium-oxide-based thin films, revealing a potentially useful device material.

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14th April 2015
13.9cm2/V·s FET mobility achieved by liquid crystals

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have designed a liquid crystal molecule that produces high-performance organic field effect transistors with good temperature resilience and relatively low device variability, in addition to high mobility.

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