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14th June 2013
ComplexIQ Partners with Tensilica for Multimedia over Coax Network Interface

Tensilica today announced that ComplexIQ is now a DPU IP integration partner. ComplexIQ has extensive expertise in MoCA networking design, offering optimized Xtensa DPUs for integration with its MoCA network interface IP blocks.

25th March 2013
Algotochip Becomes Tensilica Design Center Partner

Tensilica have today revealed that Algotochip has joined its Xtensions partner network and will offer design services that incorporate Tensilica’s dataplane processor units. Algotochip now has access to Tensilica’s technology to help it market and deploy innovative solutions that will enable developers to get their Tensilica-based products to market faster.

5th March 2013
AM3D Audio Enhancement Ported to Tensilica's HiFi Audio DSPs

Tensilica, Inc. and AM3D A/S today announced that the two companies have extended their partnership to port AM3D’s Audio Enhancement product to Tensilica’s family of HiFi Audio DSPs. This will provide enhanced audio experiences for mobile phones, in-car entertainment, home entertainment systems and PCs.

28th February 2013
AM3D Audio Enhancement Ported to Tensilica's HiFi Audio DSPs

Tensilica and AM3D A/S today announced that the two companies have extended their partnership to port AM3D’s Audio Enhancement product to Tensilica’s family of HiFi Audio DSPs. This will provide enhanced audio experiences for mobile phones, in-car entertainment, home entertainment systems and PCs.

Mixed Signal/Analog
26th February 2013
Tensilica and Sensory Drive Industry’s Lowest Power DSP-Based Voice Activation Solution

Tensilica and Sensory today announced that the two companies have worked together to provide the lowest power voice activation solution based on Tensilica’s recently introduced HiFi Mini DSP (digital signal processor) IP core and Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree always-on voice activation technology.

26th February 2013
Tensilica And Huawei Expand Strategic Relationship For Next-Generation Products

Tensilica reveal that it has strengthened its strategic relationship with Huawei. HiSilicon, the semiconductor division of Huawei, is expanding its use of Tensilica’s DPUs, including Tensilica’s Xtensa customizable processor technology, HiFi DSPs for audio and voice processing in smartphones and set-top boxes, and ConnX Baseband Engines for LTE base stations, handsets, and other network infrastructure and customer premise equipment.

21st February 2013
Fujitsu Smartphone Using Multiple Tensilica DPUs On Show At Mobile World Congress

Tensilica will be demonstrating NTT DOCOMO’s ARROWS X F-02E smartphone at its booth #6D101 at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain, February 25-28, 2013. NTT DOCOMO’s ARROWS X F-02E is the first smartphone to employ the ANT30 multi-mode modem from Access Network Technology. ANT is jointly owned by Fujitsu, NTT DOCOMO, NEC and Fujistu Semiconductor.

14th February 2013
NXP HD Voice Processing Smartphone Software Available For Tensilica’s HiFi Audio / Voice DSPs

NXP Software and Tensilica have revealed today that NXP Software’s LifeVibes VoiceExperience is now available and optimized for Tensilica’s HiFi Audio/Voice DSP family. LifeVibes VoiceExperience offers a rich set of proven voice enhancements for clear, natural calling. Tensilica’s HiFi DSP family is the most widely-used licensable audio/voice DSP family, with support for over 100 proven audio/voice software packages.

14th February 2013
Tensilica and Acoustic Technologies Extend Partnership to Deliver Complete Wideband HD Voice Processing Solution

Tensilica and Acoustic Technologies are delivering HD voice to the mobile market and will demonstrate their solutions for smartphones, tablets and mobile computing at booth 6-D101 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 25 - 28.

13th February 2013
Tensilica Unveils IVP – A New Imaging/Video DSP IP Core for Automotive Applications

Tensilica Inc today introduced IVP, an imaging and video dataplane processor (DPU) that is ideal for the complex image/video signal processing functions in mobile handsets, tablets, digital television (DTV), automotive, video game and computer vision based applications. The IVP DPU is a much needed breakthrough product in terms of energy efficiency and performance in current products and to enable applications never before possible in a programm...

13th February 2013
Dream Chip And Tensilica Partner For Imaging/Video Development On The New IVP DSP

Tensilica and Dream Chip Technologies announce that they are partnering to port and optimize DCT's video and image signal processing software to Tensilica's new IVP imaging digital signal processor. DCT has been a Tensilica Xtensions partner for a couple of years and will help support new joint customers with their extensive imaging, video and Xtensa DPU background.

13th February 2013
Almalence Ports Optimized Image Processing Software Onto Tensilica's New IVP Imaging/Video DSP

Tensilica and Almalence announce that they are partnering to port and optimize Almalence's software for digital image processing to Tensilica's new IVP imaging/video digital signal processor. Almalence has joined Tensilica's Xtensions partner program and will help support new joint customers with their extensive imaging background.

4th February 2013
TU Dresden Realized 28nm Low Power Test Chip with Tensilica Processor and RacyICs Power Management in GLOBALFOUNDRIES Process

TU Dresden, a leading German university in the field of electrical engineering, today announced the successful initial operation of a low-power test-chip featuring a Tensilica Xtensa LX4 DSP equipped with RacyICs power management IP implemented in GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ advanced 28nm Super Low Power technology.

4th January 2013
Tensilica Introduces the Smallest, Lowest Power DSP IP Core For Always-Listening Voice Trigger and Voice Recognition

Tensilica today introduced the HiFi Mini DSP core, the smallest, lowest power DSP IP core supporting always listening voice trigger and speech command modes. Optimized specifically for the smallest area and lowest power in smartphones, tablets, appliances, and automotive applications, the HiFi Mini DSP IP core enables a hands-free experience.

4th December 2012
Tensilica Reaches 200 Licensees Milestone for Dataplane Processor IP Cores

Tensilica has revealed today that 200 companies have licensed Tensilica’s dataplane processor unit technology. Over 500 licenses have been signed with these 200 companies, and several thousand unique DPUs have been optimized by Tensilica (standard products) and its licensees (customized products) and deployed in silicon.

10th October 2012
Tensilica's Licensees ship over 2 billion Tensilica DPUs

Tensilica has revealed today that its licensees have recorded shipments of over two billion Tensilica dataplane processor units. Tensilica’s licensees are now shipping at a run rate of approximately 800 million Tensilica DPU IP cores per year, which is more than a 50 percent increase over the run rate announced in June 2011, when the company reached its one billionth core shipment.

9th October 2012
Tensilica's HiFi Audio/Voice DSP to decode and process new SOCs for DTV

Tensilica is using the Tensilica HiFi Audio/Voice DSP to do all of the audio decoding and post processing in its new SOCs for DTV. Tensilica’s HiFi Audio/Voice DSP is the most popular audio IP core on the market, with the lowest power and largest library of over 100 ported software codecs.

29th August 2012
Renesas license HiFi Audio/Voice DSP from Tensilica

Tensilica have today revealed that Renesas Electronics has signed a corporate-wide license for Tensilica's HiFi Audio/Voice digital signal processor. Renesas will use the HiFi DSP in a wide variety of system on chips for mobile handsets, tablets, automotive, and other multimedia devices.

15th August 2012
Tensilica HiFi Audio DSP used in Novatek's Home Entertainment SOCs

Today Tensilica announced that Novatek is in volume production with three new home entertainment system-on-chip designs that use Tensilica's HiFi Audio digital signal processor for a high-fidelity audio listening experience. These new chips will be used in digital televisions and set-top boxes.

14th August 2012
DSP Development Services for Tensilica Customers from Inband Software

Tensilica today announced that Inband Software has worked closely with Tensilica on several HiFi Audio/Voice DSP porting projects and is now an Authorized Software Partner in the Xtensions Network. Inband Software can assist in algorithm development, fixed-point conversion, and optimization for Tensilica's HiFi Audio/Voice DSPs and other architectures.

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