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Component Management
16th October 2020
Techsil & Panacol adhesive for filament winding processes

The newly developed Vitralit UD 1405 adhesive is an innovative adhesive system for fibre and filament winding. For high efficiency, Vitralit UD 1405 can be applied during the winding process and immediately cured with high intensity LED curing systems. This adhesive and curing system is ideal for Carbon or Glass Fibre filament winding associated with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) or Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) manufacturing pro...

Component Management
7th October 2019
Optically clear flexible adhesive for bonding displays

Techsil has launched a new optically clear, low viscosity, UV curable adhesive into the UK market. Manufactured by Panacol, Vitralit 50004 is a one-component acrylic adhesive so it requires no mixing. The adhesive has been designed to use for bonding display screens and laminating optics.

Component Management
8th August 2019
Epoxy potting compound with quality flow properties

Techsil have launched a new potting compound for electronics with medium viscosity and small filler particle size: Structalit 5894-1 is the perfect choice for large-volume potting or glob top sealing of power electronics. Structalit 5894-1 is a black, one part epoxy resin which requires no mixing.

Aerospace & Defence
24th June 2019
Aerospace silicones offer thermal protection solutions

Momentive have just published two new product selection guides for their aerospace silicone adhesive sealants. They are ‘Silicone RTVs for Low Outgassing Applications’, advanced silicones that deliver outstanding performance with minimal outgassing, and ‘Silicone RTV’s for Thermal Protection Systems’, a broad range of advanced silicone RTVs that can perform in the most extreme conditions.

Component Management
17th June 2019
Electronics adhesives that cure with UV

The UK adhesives supplier, Techsil, has launched a range of new adhesive products with low ion content which cure with UV, visible light or moisture. Developed by manufacturers Panacol, these products were specially formulated for applications in the electronics and consumer electronics industry, where heat sensitive parts need to be assembled.

Component Management
27th March 2019
Automated sealant dispensing delivers IP65 rated LED lens seal

In this case study, Techsil provided emergency LED lighting manufacturers, Mackwell Electronics, with an automated solution for dispensing a clear, fast curing, 1-part silicone adhesive, to seal a clear plastic lens in an emergency luminaire housing. This provided an accurate, reliable IP65 rated seal, improved productivity, yield and accuracy; and the system installed can be adapted to suit other in-house bonding applications.

Component Management
11th October 2018
Epoxy for bonding composite substrates

Techsil has developed a new clear, epoxy adhesive called EP25880 Clear that provides a bond on carbon fibre composite parts. Techsil’s Application Engineer Steve Green explained: “I have been working with a number of companies that were manufacturing and assembling products made of composite materials and a need arose to find a product that could bond carbon fibre parts quickly and neatly. There are expensive adhesives on the mar...

3rd October 2018
Techsil attains JOSCAR Accreditation for A&D sector

Specialists in the supply of adhesives, sealants, coatings, lubricants, o-rings and gaskets, Techsil, has completed the approval procedure for the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) which enables companies in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors to identify qualified suppliers.

7th September 2018
IP rated seal and productivity benefits for LED lighting

Techsil has provided a bespoke Form-in-Place Foam Gasketing service to TRT Lighting to produce an IP rated seal for the lid of an outdoor lighting luminaire. The new process replaced a manual system of gasket application saving time and allowing vital resources to be used elsewhere. UK based, TRT Lighting Ltd (Thorlux Road and Tunnel Lighting) designs, manufactures and supplies energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting products for...

29th June 2018
Innovative tapes range for electric vehicles

There is no denying that Electric Vehicles (EV) are growing in popularity, being cheap to run, quiet and smooth to drive. Automotive manufacturers are keen to improve the power to weight ratio by using lighter materials such as composites and weight saving bonding, joining and fixing solutions.

Component Management
19th June 2018
Reducing production costs of flexible adhesive with precision dispensing

In this case study Techsil provided Speed Plastics with a flexible silicone adhesive and a dispensing solution in the manufacture of a smoke hood.

Component Management
6th February 2018
Black epoxy potting compounds protect against water and shock

  Epoxy potting and encapsulation compounds protect electronic assemblies from many environmental factors such as water, harsh chemicals, physical damage, shock and vibration. Techsil supply potting epoxies from manufacturers MG Chemicals who understand the requirements of the electronics industry and offer a range of high spec solutions.

Component Management
24th January 2018
Compact LED-UV spot lamp suitable for adhesive curing

Techsil has introduced the newly launched Hönle LED Spot 40 IC. The LED Spot 40 IC (Integrated Controller) was developed for adhesive curing applications where the emitted light of a LED point source is just not enough for a completely uniform cure but a standard flood unit would be oversized. The compact LED Spot 40 IC is designed for smaller areas where the high intensity LED emitter provides reliable, consistent and homogenous curing of t...

Component Management
9th January 2018
Medical grade potting epoxy cures quickly at low temperatures

  Global supplier of industrial RTV silicones, adhesives, and mould making materials, Techsil, has added epoxy-based adhesive Structalit 8801 to its portfolio of medical grade adhesives. The biocompatible adhesive was specially designed by manufacturers Panacol for bonding temperature-sensitive substrates as it cures quickly at low temperatures.

Component Management
9th November 2017
Fast curing adhesive bonds SMDs on to circuit boards

Global supplier of industrial RTV silicones, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, tapes, casting and mould making materials, Techsil, has launched a new fast curing epoxy adhesive Structalit 5610 from manufacturers Panacol. This adhesive is specially designed for bonding Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) on to circuit boards. Due to its high viscosity the adhesive is well-suited for screen printing.

Component Management
16th October 2017
PU potting resin for LEDs gives diffused light effect

Provider of a variety of materials that offer environmental protection, extend service life and improve light performance, Techsil, supplies high performance LED chip packaging encapsulants, potting materials, thermal management solutions, and adhesives to bond lighting assemblies. Product chemistries include silicones, polyurethanes, epoxies, greases and pressure sensitive tapes.

Component Management
20th September 2017
UV-curing epoxy resin adhesive for dome coatings

Techsil just introduced Vitralit UC 6686, a light curable epoxy adhesive from Panacol. Upon exposure to ultraviolet light, it cures in seconds to form a crystal clear, extremely hard, scratch resistant surface perfect for dome coatings and for decorating glass and plastics.

Component Management
10th July 2017
Hybrid structural bonders able to withstand chemical attack

A distribution agreement has been announced between Techsil and Henkel and introduces the LOCTITE range of hybrid structural bonders which herald a new era in product design and assembly. Techsil’s Managing Director, Paul Hughes commented: “Incorporating Henkel’s well known structural adhesive range has further strengthened our portfolio of high performance industrial bonding products. We look forward to build on this partn...

Component Management
31st May 2017
High performance silicone conformal coatings

Techsil’s new silicone conformal coating formulations manufactured by Momentive are said to out-perform other conformal coating materials for corrosion prevention. Momentive’s ECC3011 and ECC3051S silicone conformal coating materials use a formulation that can help prevent the occurrence of corrosion on vital PCB components and surfaces.

Component Management
2nd April 2017
Flexible mould making silicones

Flexible moulding is a very popular go-to system across many industries when faced with a part reproduction application. It is more cost effective than 3D Printing for small runs and a great alternative to solid mould processes such a liquid injection moulding or resin transfer moulding.

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