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Black epoxy potting compounds protect against water and shock

6th February 2018
Alice Matthews


Epoxy potting and encapsulation compounds protect electronic assemblies from many environmental factors such as water, harsh chemicals, physical damage, shock and vibration. Techsil supply potting epoxies from manufacturers MG Chemicals who understand the requirements of the electronics industry and offer a range of high spec solutions.

The most recently launched products from MG Chemicals are two new black potting and encapsulation compounds.

The MG 832HD is an economical, flowable, electronic-grade black epoxy that provides excellent physical, chemical, and electrical protection. It features a hard shell, harder than standard black epoxies, providing a greater protection against extreme impacts and vibrations. It is available in dual cartridge format.

The MG 832FX is a flexible black epoxy encapsulating and potting compound. According to the company it forms a tough bond that flexes to provide impact and vibration resistance and offer excellent physical, chemical, and electrical protection.

This epoxy is particularly effective where severe thermal shocks occur in the components' environment or where devices are in a submersion state.

Being black in colour means that they help to hide and restrict access to intellectual property and protect proprietary electrical circuit designs.

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