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7th July 2023
sureCore and Universal Quantum announce tape out of cryogenic IP demonstrator chip

The sureCore-led Innovate UK (IUK) - funded project "Development of CryoCMOS to Enable the Next Generation of Scalable Quantum Computers" has achieved a critical milestone with the tape out of its first cryogenic IP demonstrator chip.

12th May 2023
CryoCMOS Consortium develops 4K & 77K transistor models

CryoCMOS Consortium, led by sureCore Ltd, reports that it has successfully created new, PDK-quality, transistor models characterised for both 4K & 77K operation. SureCore is using these to develop key foundation IP to enable the design of cryo-control ASICs for use in the quantum computing space. Key to supporting this activity were the accurate cryogenic measurements undertaken by Incize of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

News & Analysis
12th May 2023
4K and 77K transistor models enable CryoIP development

The Innovate UK-funded CryoCMOS Consortium, led by sureCore says it has successfully created new, PDK-quality, transistor models characterised for both 4K and 77K operation.

4th April 2023
sureCore pushes the SRAM voltage envelope to below 0.5V

In the drive to reduce a device’s power consumption, one of the principal techniques deployed is to run it at a low voltage.

9th March 2023
sureCore announces range of off-the-shelf memory IP

To speed up design times for customers, sureCore has launched a range of off-the-shelf, low power memory IP that is available for use at the most popular industry nodes.

1st November 2022
sureCore’s low power memory delivers power efficiency for BLE-enabled devices

The popularity of wearable devices has seen an explosion of market entrants all vying to deliver a better user experience with a richer feature set than their competitors.

10th October 2022
sureCore publishes In Memory Compute white paper

sureCore, the ultra-low power, embedded memory specialist, has announced the publication of a white paper outlining its innovative In Memory Compute (IMC) technology, ‘CompuRAM’.

27th June 2022
sureCore’s low memory technologies enable designers to create reality of the metaverse

Mark Zuckerburg believes so strongly that the future is the metaverse that he changed the name of Facebook to Meta. Suddenly, an old sci-fi word has become the hottest mainstream concept with billions being invested to create its virtual worlds with hardware such as augmented reality smart glasses and full immersion artificial reality goggles.

4th May 2022
Safer “listen through” earbuds create headaches for developers

One of the joys of earbuds is that they can isolate you into a world of beautiful music with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) removing the sounds from the world around you.

8th February 2022
sureCore announces technology for in-memory computing

sureCore, the low power, embedded memory specialists, has announced its new technology for in-memory computing called CompuRAM.

Artificial Intelligence
18th November 2021
Multiport memory designed by sureCore

sureCore, designed a multi-port that's power and area efficient, embedded memory solution is for Semidynamics’ RISC-V-based, tensor processing chip.

8th October 2021
Intelligent wearables enabled by sureCore's low power memory

As the market for wearable electronics and earbuds grows dramatically, architects are adding more features or ‘smarts’ to create product differentiation. The additional intelligence means that designers are required to add more embedded memory to the chip resulting in increased power demands.

22nd January 2020
Low power memory compiler programme opened for 30 days

  SureCore is opening its low power memory compiler for 30 days to qualifying companies to evaluate the capabilities of its PowerMiser and EverOn standard SRAM IP products on low power metrics. The new service will prove particularly useful for constraint and compute intensive SoC designs.

21st March 2019
Low power SRAM customises memory for artificial intelligence

  sureCore's new SureFit SRAM customisation service has delivered low power high capacity SRAM subsystems implemented in advanced FinFET processes to Tier-1 players in the demanding imaging, artificial intelligence and machine learning markets.

9th June 2016
sureCore delivers 40nmULP memory compiler

sureCore Ltd., the low power SRAM IP leader, has announced the immediate availability of its TSMC 40nmULP process technology memory compiler. The new compiler facilitates utilisation of sureCore's recently announced 40nm Ultra Low Voltage SRAM IP that effectively operates at a record-setting 0.6V across process voltage and temperature.

1st June 2016
40nm SRAM beats low voltage operation in silicon

sureCore has revealed that its latest Ultra-Low Voltage SRAM IP effectively operates at a record-setting 0.6V across process, voltage and temperature. The results are silicon-proven on TSMC's 40nm Ultra Low Power CMOS process technology. 

21st January 2016
Achieving power savings of over 50%

The 28nm Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (FDSOI) memory compiler has been launched by sureCore, and supports the company's low power, Single Port SRAM IP and Dual Port SRAM IP for 28nm FDSOI process technology. It also offers capacities up to 1MB with word lengths up to 288bits and supports 4, 8 and 16Mux factors.

4th June 2015
Low-power SRAM IP targets wearable & IoT applications

An embedded SRAM IP that targets applications demanding long battery life with minimal operating and stand-by power performance has been released by sureCore. Supporting a wide operating voltage range of 0.7-1.2V, the single port SRAM boasts dynamic power savings exceeding 50% of current commercial offerings. The IP also cuts static power by up to 35% with a 10% area penalty.

15th April 2015
SRAM designs are production-ready, low power & low voltage

sureCore has announced the opening of its latest design centre in Leuven, Belgium. The company chose the Leuven location to tap into the design ecosystem around imec and to maximise imec's recently announced investment in the company.

28th April 2014
SRAM design offers power promise

SureCore says that early testing of its innovative low power SRAM design confirms its simulations that deliver in excess of 50% power savings over other SRAM technologies. The tests prove that the patented circuit architecture developed by SureCore delivers greater than 50% power savings versus industry standard SRAMs. SureCore’s energy-efficient memory was designed through a unique combination of detailed circuit analysis, architectural im...

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