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25th November 2019
Enclosures for environmental management systems in a ‘Smart’ world

Industry 4.0 is the current buzzword of choice for engineers and marketing professionals across almost every market sector; and for good reason. Industry 4.0 describes the integration of digital communication with the industrial process to create a network of ‘smart’ tools and components that can improve efficiency, quality, productivity and safety.

16th August 2019
Ensuring a fast turnaround on enclosures

To the untrained eye, electrical enclosures can come across as very uniform, standardised products. However, experts such as Spelsberg, a leading manufacturer of premium enclosures, must be adaptable when it comes to meeting specific customer requirements within a short timeframe. Thanks to decades of experience in providing standard and custom enclosures, the business has a proven track record in delivering optimised electrical protection soluti...

29th May 2019
Off-site construction brings challenges to enclosure suppliers

The UK is in the throes of a housing crisis. The need for housing that can be manufactured quickly while offering home buyers affordability is clear, it’s a problem that off-site modular construction is now beginning to address, but how do suppliers of electrical enclosures keep pace with this necessary shift in construction techniques?

23rd April 2019
Gotthard railway tunnel relies on fire-resistant junction boxes

It would be no exaggeration to call the Gotthard Railway Tunnel an engineering marvel. Stretching 57km in length, at up to 2,450m1 deep through the Swiss Alps - it’s both the longest and deepest tunnel in the world. This application environment presents a substantial challenge to those trying to ensure fire safety, especially when it comes to protecting vital electricals in the event of an emergency. That’s why the junction boxes trus...

3rd April 2019
Fire protection enclosures contribute to safety

In the event of fire in large, crowded shopping centres, the safety and well-being of anyone inside relies on emergency systems operating for long enough for people to escape. Limbecker Platz, one of the largest shopping centres in Germany, chose Spelsberg’s WKE enclosures to provide adequate fire safety protection to vital circuitry that can save lives in the event of fire. 

1st March 2019
Workshop videos support installation of latest GEOS enclosures

Manufacturers of electrical enclosures, Spelsberg, has released a new series of its Workshop videos to demonstrate the capabilities of its range of GEOS enclosures. The videos showcase the enclosures’ build quality, as well as a selection of installation accessories. This demonstrates that it is easy to mount DIN rails and PCBs and that the enclosures can be installed in the harshest environments without compromising ingress protection.

Around the Industry
19th December 2018
Innovative IBT system chosen for London residential project

Demand for housing in the UK’s capital has never been higher, as such there are a number of development projects underway. A major development project taking place along the River Thames will see a collection of high-quality and it is PRS & affordable rent built incorporating modern mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services. Parker Bromley, the building services contractor on the site, has specified Spelsberg’s innovative...

16th November 2018
Enclosures help maximise efficiency for fast food kitchen fit-outs

Most industries take efficiency seriously, but for fast food companies it must pervade their every move; from serving customers right back to the original fitting out of the kitchens. Enclosure manufacturer, Spelsberg UK, thrives on the challenge of working with the makers of fast food kitchens, some of whom fit out restaurants all over the world for many of the biggest names in the convenience catering industry.

20th September 2018
Enclosures help to build North Wales' new prison

Casting Spelsberg IBT electrical enclosures into concrete building panels helped speed up construction of the UK’s newest prison in North Wales. HM Prison Berwyn, which opened in February 2017, will become Britain largest prison with capacity to accommodate 2,106 men. Costing £250m to build, it is designed for rehabilitation and education rather than punishment and incarceration.

31st July 2018
Enclosures seal the deal for rugged electrical protection

It has been announced that Spelsberg has introduced the new GEOS range, designed to withstand aggressive atmospheres in outdoor or industrial applications. Lightweight, highly durable and featuring an innovative sealing system, the GEOS provides end users with a dynamic solution that combines strength, flexibility and multi-faceted protection.

19th July 2018
Enclosure ensures lift passengers can make emergency calls

A UK supplier of passenger lift controls has adopted Spelsberg TK enclosures as the housing for one of its latest products, with the aim of ensuring it is well protected against environmental conditions and physical damage.

7th March 2018
Building Information Models launched for electrical enclosures

Leading the way in the digitisation of the construction industry management, electrical enclosure manufacturer Spelsberg, is introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) models for many of its product ranges. Models are already available for Spelsberg’s standard enclosures, IBT (integrated building technologies) range of products, distribution boxes and WKE fire resistant enclosures, with more scheduled for introduction in the future.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
9th January 2018
Wiring up to fix Britain’s broken housing market

The housing crisis that is looming across the UK may be averted with efficient off-site modular building techniques. Here Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, looks at how electrical enclosure manufacturers are poised to help, and explains his thoughts on the crisis. As house prices are so high now most young people can only dream about buying their own home, while affordable rental options are also very limited.

2nd January 2018
Tackling the condensation in enclosure installations

A recipe for condensation is so simple it contains three elements: water vapour and fluctuating temperatures. In all but the most controlled of environments this means that electrical installations are at risk of water damage caused by condensation forming inside an enclosure. However, with proper planning and design it’s possible to protect your connections, as Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, explained.

6th November 2017
Spelsberg aids efficiency in offsite heat exchange builds

Ormandy Group, a large UK offsite manufacturer in heat exchange solutions relies on the customisable Spelsberg TK enclosure for many of its electrical installation needs, as the company is founded on innovation, it has to have the sort of dependable flexibility that the TK series can provide. Many companies claim to innovate, but far fewer can honestly say its entire existence is founded on innovation. 

Around the Industry
6th October 2017
Is it all about location location location?

People talk about location a lot, when buying a house, when parking a car and when sun bathing at the beach. But is positioning as important as specification when planning your electrical housings? Talking to electrical supply company Spelsberg we discover the answers to the all important questions.

27th June 2017
Next-day custom enclosure samples keep projects on schedule

Just 12 months after launching the popularity of Spelsberg UK’s next day sample service is continuously growing. By delivering samples for custom enclosure designs with a 24 hour turnaround, customers are able to compress their project times while also helping ensure optimum designs. Chris Lloyd, Managing Director, explains how Spelsberg is achieving such a fast turnaround.

18th May 2017
Custom enclosures provided for dairy farming hygiene applications

Manufacturer of dairy hygiene and livestock health management products, Ambic Equipment, is using customised enclosures from Spelsberg UK to house its latest dosing and dilutions system, the EasiDoser. The enclosures, which are certified for installation in ammonia rich agricultural applications, have been provided with CNC machined entry points and custom mounting plates to speed up the manufacturing process.

13th April 2017
Safety and endurance brought to road tanker operations

With the expectation to perform faultlessly throughout their long working life, fuel delivery tankers have a hard existence, especially as they are to guarantee safety and efficiency. Leeds-based MechTronic has been the industry innovator for fuel delivery systems for a decade or more and relies on electrical enclosures from Spelsberg UK for its electrical and pneumatic control units.

28th March 2017
Choose smart enclosures for your smart buildings

The smart buildings today use sophisticated control systems to continually optimise heating, lighting, security and other services to the needs of the moment. However, with regularly changing usage patterns, the systems themselves have to be ultra-flexible. Clare McCusker, Area Sales Manager for Spelsberg UK, explains more.

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