Workshop videos support installation of latest GEOS enclosures

1st March 2019
Alex Lynn

Manufacturers of electrical enclosures, Spelsberg, has released a new series of its Workshop videos to demonstrate the capabilities of its range of GEOS enclosures. The videos showcase the enclosures’ build quality, as well as a selection of installation accessories. This demonstrates that it is easy to mount DIN rails and PCBs and that the enclosures can be installed in the harshest environments without compromising ingress protection.

The GEOS range of polycarbonate enclosures from Spelsberg has been designed to withstand aggressive atmospheres in outdoor or industrial applications. It features lightweight construction for easy installation and incorporates an innovative sealing design with a ‘Drain Protect System’ to guarantee ingress protection in even the harshest weather or when exposed to wash down environments.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, commented: “The GEOS range has been designed for end users who require an enclosure that will protect critical systems from varying temperatures, physical impacts and ingress of moisture and solid particles. Designed and manufactured in-house it is a premium enclosure design that offers rugged performance as well as a large selection of accessories that make it easy to install.”

The three videos from Spelsberg’s Workshop series are a quick introduction to the standard range of enclosures and a guide to some of the mounting solutions and accessories that are available. This includes a toolless system to fit a partition wall or raised DIN rail within the enclosure and external mounting lugs which protects the IP rating while also lifting the enclosures off the wall it’s mounted to.

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