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22nd April 2024
Septentrio expands GNSS UAV ecosystem

Septentrio is closely working with several major drone solutions providers including 3DR, Holybro, ARK Electronics and Systork, which is resulting in various new products that allow easier prototyping or integration of the mosaic GNSS receiver into UAVs.

6th February 2024
New inertial GNSS Smart Antenna from Septentrio

Septentrio, a high-precision GNSS*/INS positioning company, announces AntaRx-Si3. This is the first GNSS/INS (Inertial Navigation System) Smart Antenna on the market in an ultra-rugged enclosure, designed for easy installation on machines such as agriculture robots.

16th January 2024
AntaRx GNSS smart antenna for machine automation

Septentrio, a specialist in high-precision GNSS* positioning solutions, announces the launch of a new smart antenna, ideal for machine automation and control in construction, precision agriculture, and logistics.

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18th October 2023
Septentrio broadens its ecosystem with new open-source projects

Septentrio introduces two new open-source hardware projects available to integrators of satellite-based positioning.

14th October 2023
Septentrio and SparkFun join for development of positioning-based applications

Septentrio announced its collaboration with SparkFun Electronics, a major online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make electronics projects possible. This marks an important step in broadening Septentrio's market reach and bringing high-quality satellite-based positioning as a mainstream solution for integrators in a variety of industrial and emerging sectors. 

20th June 2023
Septentrio timing GNSS module supports Fugro AtomiChron

Septentrio has announced that its compact GNSS timing module, mosaic-T, now supports the AtomiChron timing service from Fugro.

13th June 2023
Septentrio collaborates with Xona on PULSAR GNSS receiver

Septentrio has been collaborating with Xona Space Systems to develop an experimental receiver which is compatible with Xona multi-frequency PULSAR signals.

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5th May 2023
Septentrio collaborates with Braemac

Septentrio has signed a distribution partnership with Braemac for North America and Mexico, which will enable it to connect to new industry players, reduce lead time and improve its ability to stock and deliver products.

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28th March 2023
Septentrio launches Agnostic Corrections Partner Program

Septentrio announces the start of the Agnostic Corrections Partner Program. This program facilitates the use of Septentrio receivers with various high-accuracy services, which offer varying levels of accuracy, coverage and delivery methods.

23rd June 2022
Septentrio GPS/GNSS supports PX4 Autopilot

GNSS boards and modules support PX4 Autopilot for faster integration of high-accuracy positioning into UAVs and robots. Septentrio presents their latest integration at PX4 Developer Summit 2022 in Austin.

25th May 2022
Arctic adventure uses latest tech to gather accurate positioning data

Septentrio, a specialist in high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, is supporting climate research in conjunction with the Royal Observatory of Belgium by equipping two Belgian adventurers with the latest GPS/GNSS technology for collection of accurate positioning data.

16th May 2022
Septentrio makes GNSS/INS integration easy and fast

Septentrio takes a step towards simplifying the integration process of its inertial GNSS receivers.

19th April 2022
AsteRx-U3: GNSS receiver for demanding applications

Septentrio announces the launch of AsteRx-U3, the successor of the AsteRx-U multi-frequency GNSS receiver for construction, mining and machine control applications.

19th April 2021
Septentrio launches AsteRx-i3 GNSS/INS product line

Septentrio has announced the launch of a new product line of high-performance GNSS/INS receivers called AsteRx-i3. The AsteRx-i3 product family brings to market an array of next-generation receivers from plug-and-play navigation solutions to feature-rich receivers with raw measurement access.

10th March 2021
New GNSS receiver security with OSNMA anti-spoofing

Septentrio has announced that its receiver has successfully authenticated navigation data of the first OSNMA encrypted GNSS satellite signal. OSNMA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication) offers end-to-end authentication on a civilian signal, protecting receivers from spoofing attacks.

2nd December 2020
GNSS technology with SECORX-S sub-decimetre correction

Septentrio has announces the launch of AsteRx-m3 Sx OEM board. This new dual-antenna receiver combines Septentrio’s latest core GNSS technology with the SECORX-S sub-decimetre correction service, enabling convenient plug-and-play positioning. High-accuracy positioning is available directly out of the box as GNSS corrections are automatically streamed to the receiver.

20th November 2020
mosaic-H accurate positioning in a compact GNSS module

Septentrio has expanded its GNSS module portfolio with mosaic-H heading receiver. With dual antenna capabilities, this surface mount module delivers reliable heading & pitch or heading & roll information on top of centimetre-level positioning.

13th October 2020
AsteRx-m3 next generation high-precision GNSS receiver

Septentrio has announced an expansion of its GPS/GNSS OEM portfolio with AsteRx-m3 product family. AsteRx-m3 receivers target various use cases and offer flexibility and affordability with no compromises of performance. They feature the lowest power consumption on the market, allowing longer operation times. Their new easy-to-integrate design ensures short set-up times and faster time-to-market.

1st July 2020
mosaic-T GNSS timing module for critical infrastructure

Septentrio has announced an addition to its GNSS timing portfolio: mosaic-T is a high-end GPS/GNSS receiver module built specifically for resilient and precise time and frequency synchronization under challenging conditions.

29th June 2020
AsteRx-m2 Sx OEM board brings convenience to GNSS users

Septentrio has announced the launch of AsteRx-m2 Sx OEM board. With this GNSS receiver Septentrio has introduced a new approach to high-accuracy positioning. Septentrio’s latest core GNSS technology is integrated with a sub-decimeter correction service enabling simple plug-and-play positioning solutions.

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