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Alternative Energy
7th July 2020
Project for more efficient green fuel cells

Semcon has announced that it is deepening its collaboration with fuel cell manufacturer PowerCell. Both through a new framework agreement and by developing a new robotic cell with the use of vision technology that will streamline the production of green fuel cells for the vehicles of the future.

Artificial Intelligence
13th December 2019
AI-driven data management solution developed

Combining the latest in AI, data mining and information architecture means that Semcon is now assisting the Stena Line shipping company with a new pilot project for development of a unique data management solution. This solution is paving the way for new digital, sustainable and profitable services at Stena Line.

24th June 2019
Project for safer autonomous vehicles in all software

Semcon is part of a new functional safety partnership project, aiming to use quality-assured system solutions to ensure that the autonomous vehicles of the future are reliable. Besides functional safety software solutions, this contract also includes strategic consulting to ensure that safety becomes a natural element in all software development, working methods and management decisions relating to the autonomous vehicles of the future. 

26th April 2019
Cloud solution developed for autonomous drones

The potential for autonomous drones is huge. By providing an overview of a forest fire, inspecting power lines, or supplying medicines to disaster-struck areas, a great deal of time and money can be saved at the same time as safety is increased. Semcon has taken part in developing the cloud solution for FlyPulse's autonomous drone system, which is used in many different projects.

21st November 2018
Concept automatically connects car to trailer

Why should connecting a trailer be such a hassle? So much so, in fact, that 50% of people prefer not to bother at all. And why have towbars looked more or less the same since 1932? Technology company Semcon put together a team of women to provide more perspectives on product development, resulting in a new automatic concept where cars and trailers connect themselves together without the driver leaving the car. 

19th November 2018
Automating production of eco-friendly fuel cells

  A partnership has been expanded by Semcon, with fuel cell company Powercell with a view to upscale the company’s production of fuel cells with automation and robots. Fuel cells powered by hydrogen produce electricity and heat with no emissions other than water.

19th September 2018
Smarter product information with augmented reality

A new collaborative venture is being launched by Semcon with XMReality, to enhance the user experience of product information with the help of augmented reality (AR). Through smart visualisation, it will be easier for service technicians to get the right information and thereby more effectively solve problems.

Artificial Intelligence
9th January 2018
Born to drive: Developing driverless car deliveries

In order to test the option of driverless movement of cars through the logistics chain, echnology company Semcon is now working together with Volvo Bil. An autonomous solution may free up both time and resources. The project will commence with a pilot study in January.

18th September 2017
Cars will soon be able to deliver themselves

  Nowdays, a vehicle is moved about 25 times manually before it reaches the end customer. However, new research shows how cars can be transported through the logistics chain without a driver. The system was developed by Semcon in collaboration with seven other companies. A prototype is already up and running.

31st March 2017
Electronic ski bindings let you change position on the go

A new electronic ski binding that can change position on the go – and is controlled via a remote control in the pole - has been developed by Rottefella in partnership with Semcon in Norway. The finished product will be introduced to the market in 2018. All cross-country skiers are looking for the best possible grip uphill and the best glide downhill. The position of the binding has a great impact and can already be adjusted t...

8th February 2017
Project aims to guarantee the safety of self-driving cars

Before self-driving cars can become reality, we have to be able to guarantee that they are safe. To create a vital common safety methodology, the Swedish automotive industry is working alongside academia and specialists in a comprehensive research project called ESPLANADE. Semcon’s contribution to the project focuses on communication between drivers and vehicles.

14th April 2016
Low cost concept can turn any bike electric

While electric bikes provide a welcome push up steep hills and are becoming increasingly popular they are expensive with conversion kits often being both tricky to install and costly. To solve this, Semcon has developed a smart and inexpensive engine prototype that can be easily fitted to any bike.

12th October 2015
Greater fuel efficiency with no emissions apart from CO2

Semcon is helping PowerCell in taking the next step for the mass production of fuel cells. This contract enables Semcon to provide production development expertise and a number of other services to support PowerCell’s own engineers. Fuel cells have long been considered a possible replacement for more traditional combustion engines. PowerCell is at the forefront in the field of stationary fuel cell systems that convert common diesel into ele...

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