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22nd August 2016
BBC micro:bit gets J-Link firmware upgrade

J-Link support for the BBC micro:bit has been introduced by Segger. It provides students with a path to using a production grade IDE for their next micro:bit project. SEGGER offers the capability to upgrade the firmware on the BBC micro:bit DAPLink to a J-Link OB (On Board). This firmware makes the on-board debug solution on the BBC micro:bit compatible to J-Link, allowing users to take advantage of all J-Link features.

20th July 2016
Renesas & SEGGER accelerate RX ecosystem expansion

Renesas Electronics Europe and SEGGER have announced their collaboration to facilitate expansion of the ecosystem of Renesas’ RX family of 32-bit MCUs through adoption of SEGGER’s newly-released SystemView software. The SystemView software will now support streaming over J-Link, as well as real-time analysis and visualisation, in relation to any Renesas RX-based embedded design.

13th July 2016
High performance SSH solution targets microcontroller-based systems

  The emSSH software library has been announced by SEGGER. This highly advanced package is intended for creating secure connections between a client and a server, typically over a TCP/IP connection.

8th July 2016
MCUs now have advanced debug technology

  J-Link support for Zilog’s ZNEO32! Cortex-M3 based family of MCUs has been introduced by SEGGER. This includes support for debug, as well as Flash-based programming. Production line programming is also available via the SEGGER Flasher family.

22nd June 2016
Advanced debug technology with drag & drop programming

  A new version of the J-Link firmware for NXP's evaluation boards with OpenSDA debug and programming interface from SEGGER. OpenSDA is used on the popular Tower and Freedom evaluation boards equipped with Kinetis microcontroller devices.

19th May 2016
SEGGER emUSB-device add-on enables internet connectivity

SEGGER introduces the add-on CDC-ECM for its emUSB-Device stack to provide Ethernet connections via USB. Fully compliant with the CDC-ECM class, the new emUSB-Device CDC-ECM is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution for connecting with Mac and Linux platforms (complementing SEGGER’s existing emUSB-Device RNDIS solution for Windows hosts).

4th May 2016
A fail-safe solution for next generation embedded systems

To assist engineers in adding higher degrees of security to their designs, SEGGER has introduced the embOS-MPU - a new variant of the company’s zero interrupt latency real time operating system (RTOS) that is optimised for minimal memory utilisation.

Test & Measurement
27th April 2016
MCU debug technology upgrade speeds development times

J-Link firmware has been introduced by SEGGER for the embedded ST-LINK on STM32 Nucleo, STM32 Discovery and other microcontroller unit (MCU) evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics. The upgrade turns a board’s ST-LINK interface into a fully functional J-Link, which can then be employed to debug the board's application processor.

2nd March 2016
Upgraded firmware enhances on-board debug probe

The J-Link line of debug probes from Segger is now available on the Atmel Xplained evaluation platform. The Atmel Xplained evaluation kits provide an on-board, single chip debug solution called Atmel EDBG for which SEGGER now has released an upgraded firmware to give the users the capability to convert their Atmel EDBG to a J-Link OB.

Test & Measurement
24th February 2016
Debug probe raises benchmark in tracing

Trace probe performance levels have been improved by Segger’s J-Trace PRO, an advanced tracing solution that utilises state-of-the-art J-Link technology, in combination with a Gigabit Ethernet interface, in order to present engineers with an ultra-fast probe for unlimited streaming trace.

15th February 2016
Media transfer protocol supports SEGGER's emUSB-Host stack

SEGGER announces the addition of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) support to its emUSB-Host stack. Developers can quickly add MTP host functionality to permit the transfer of media files such as audio, images or video with MTP-enabled devices. emUSB-Host's initiator capability enables users to transfer files between devices acting as initiator. It perfectly complements the existing MTP responder capability in emUSB-Device.

24th November 2015
Demonstrator board empowers embedded software evaluation

SEGGER releases the emPower evaluation board, dedicated to convey a comprehensive and out-of-the-box experience of SEGGER’s complete embedded software offerings and thus accelerating the start of any embedded project. emPower is an affordable platform for customers to enhance software evaluation, prototyping and proof of concept.

23rd July 2015
Efficiently store gigabytes of data on MCU NAND flash

Segger has upgraded the emFile file management system for embedded applications by adding a block grouping feature to reduce the amount of RAM needed for block management of NAND flash memory. NAND can now be used for gigabytes of data with smaller MCUs.

23rd February 2015
'Authorized Flashing' security feature added to programmers

SEGGER has announced the development of a new security feature for its production flash programmer line, as well as the Flasher Portable. 'Authorized Flashing' enables users to limit the number of flash programming cycles, thereby preventing the production of unrestricted quantities by third parties in case of external production.

15th January 2015
Digital signatures eliminate product cloning threats

Digital signatures can help to eliminate the threat of product cloning. By Dirk Akemann, SEGGER Microcontroller.

7th January 2015
SSL/TLS solution targets embedded devices

SEGGER has introduced emSSL, a ground-up implementation of secure sockets that are the backbone of secure communications on the Internet today. Written to run effortlessly on single-chip embedded devices, emSSL integrates seamlessly with embOS/IP or, alternatively, any IP stack that supports plain sockets, or any bidirectional communications channel.

10th October 2014
Solution brings Internet services to USB devices

SEGGER has released a complete USB to Internet solution. It uses the RNDIS USB class, and enables developers to transform low-end stand-alone products into connected devices with the same functionality as other devices on a local network. With an appropriate application server in the firmware of a USB-connected device, any internet service on the host computer can access it.

25th September 2014
J-Link & middleware products support ARM Cortex-M7

To enable quick product development, SEGGER has announced support for the ARM Cortex-M7 architecture. The company's industry standard J-Link debug probes and middleware products, including embOS and the emSecure Digital Signature Library, are now Cortex-M7 ready. This has enabled SEGGER to provide Cortex-M7 J-Link and middleware support to Atmel, STMicroelectronics, and Freescale. 

29th August 2014
RTOS's tickless support reduces MCU power consumption

Supporting the increased efficiency and reduced power consumption required for modern embedded systems, SEGGER has added tickless low power support to its embOS RTOS. Stopping the periodic system tick interrupt during idle periods, the new support enables the timer to be reprogrammed to spend as much time as possible in low power mode.

26th August 2014
Digital signature software prevents cloning

EmSecure, a digital signature software package designed specifically for embedded systems, has been released by SEGGER Microcontroller. Featuring a selection of easy-to-use functions, the software package allows the developer to easily add a digital signature to a product.

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