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11th June 2015
Compact case features an integrated cooling solution

Processors are becoming increasingly smaller, more powerful and more economical. Pentair now offers its first compact Schroff case with an integrated cooling solution. An example of this is Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC) system, developed for consumer applications, combines many PC functions on a baseboard approximately 10x10cm.

25th March 2014
Power supply suits 98% of CompactPCI Serial applications

Retaining the familiar form factor from CompactPCI (19", 3 U and 8 HP), the CompactPCI Serial PSU has been introduced by Schroff. Collaborating with major board manufacturers, system customers and PSU manufacturers, Pentair has created a 'quasi' standard for pluggable Schroff CompactPCI Serial PSUs and developed a first AC PSU with a wide input voltage range.

5th March 2014
Affordable cases for small and non-standardised PCBs

Going beyond the 19“ industry standard, the Schroff Interscale M range of cases include models for small and non-standardised PCBs. With a total of 21 case sizes are available direct from stock, the cases have a very competitive price point and have been designed to offer the customer a wide scope of options in both technical and price terms.

7th February 2014
Heat exchangers suit food and pharmaceutical industries

Meeting the particularly strict requirements for cooling solutions for industrial cabinets in corrosive and harsh production environments, such as the food, drinks and pharmaceuticals industries, Pentair offers the Hoffman WCHE series of air/water heat exchangers. Completely closed to the outside environment, neither dust nor water can enter these filterless cooling systems.

16th December 2013
Kits with IET or XL handle provide high insertion forces

Now available with the so-called IET handle or XL handle, the complete kits for Schroff plug-in units enable high insertion and extraction forces. Expanding their exisiting portfolio of kits for Schroff plug-in units, Pentair's kits consist of a front panel, one or two handles (top and/or bottom) and fixing and shielding elements.

2nd December 2013
New metal enclosure for custom PCBs

Responding to trends for miniaturisation and individualisation, Pentair announce the Schroff Interscale M case platform in metal. It is ideal for applications including fanless fieldbus enclosures, single-board computers, ARM modules, mobile diagnosis, therapeutic equipment for medical systems, PC-based POS systems, video monitoring for building services, and peripheral control units for industrial applications.

11th November 2013
Increased functionality & user-friendliness in new enclosure

Schroff has today announced an enhancement of the Schroff RatiopacPRO case with the release of a new version with a dual function handle. Focusing on user-friendliness, the new carrying handle features a built-in 19" bracket. This allows cases containing electronics to be safely handled as well as being securely mounted in an electronics cabinet using the 19" bracket.

23rd October 2013
Schroff's in-row heat exchanger for cabinet cooling

Pentair announce a new series of air/water heat exchangers as an extension of its IT infrastructure portfolio. Designed for cooling cabinets with high thermal loads installed in an aisle containment, the Schroff Varistar SHX30 in-row heat exchanger is 300 mm wide and can be supplied in different heights (2000 or 2200 mm) and depths (1000 or 1200 mm).

30th September 2013
Enhanced shock and vibration resistance for Schroff Titan COTS system

For rugged applications within the mobile aerospace and defense industry, Pentair introduces the Schroff Titan COTS system with enhanced shock and vibration resistance. This 19" VME64x system is mechanically based on the Schroff EuropacPRO type R subrack and can withstand shock loadings up to 25 g and vibrations up to 3 g.

18th September 2013
Ruggedized version of the Schroff VARISTAR cabinet

Pentair has developed a ruggedized version of its Schroff VARISTAR cabinet platform with enhanced vibration resistance to protect sensitive electronic systems in demanding operating conditions encountered during operation at sea. Suitable for use on frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines, the VARISTAR cabinet has been independently tested in accordance to the MIL-STD-901D standard, which confirms its robustness and stability under extreme sho...

12th September 2013
Schroff Titan ATR Series is extra robust and highly flexible

For particularly high shock and vibration requirements of up to 40 g Pentair has developed the Schroff Titan ATR system family. Based on its modular 19" subracks, which is an established platform for all levels of ruggedness up to about 25 g, the Titan ATR system is suitable for civil and military aviation and space applications, including use on unmanned aircraft and helicopters, as well as other mobile equipment such as tanks or trains.

30th August 2013
Anything is possible with a modification service

For many customized solutions, modifications are required. With Pentair, the route to an individual subrack or case is through Schroff ServicePLUS. This service offers a series of options, which includes configuration, assembly, modification, solutions, etc. For the design of individual subracks and cases the modification and assembly services are of particular interest.

23rd August 2013
Free-stand enclosure for the world’s toughest environments

Pentair introduces the Hoffman metric-sized, A30S4E stainless steel, free-stand enclosure designed specifically to house systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations for use in the European market. Fulfilling IP66, IK10 and NEMA Type 4x industrial standards, as well as being UL-listed, the A30S4E has been developed specially for rugged, heavy duty applications in harsh environments.

8th May 2013
Schroff Air Baffles Efficiently Dissipate Heat In MicroTCA.4 systems

Pentair has developed Schroff air baffles for both front and rear I/O that meet the MicroTCA sub-specification defined for the advanced physics community, known as MicroTCA.4. MicroTCA.4 incorporates additional rear I/O and precision timing enhancements to the MicroTCA base specification for performing and evaluating experiments on particle acceleration, photon behaviour, etc. at physical research centres.

9th April 2013
Pentair Modular Embedded Systems Bridge The Gap Between 19 And COM

Pentair Equipment Protection has today announced the bridging of the gap between the classic 19 embedded system and the small form-factor solution with the introduction of a new family of small form-factor modular systems. Based either on a 1U high, 250mm wide AdvancedMC chassis or a small, compact Schroff subrack that is 3U high, 205mm deep and just 28 HP wide, these flexible systems can be configured from standard parts to customer specificatio...

26th March 2013
Schroff Provide Embedded Systems For Harsh Environments

Based on its Schroff 19” product platform of components and complete subracks, Pentair Equipment Protection helps system OEMs meet the demands of harsh operating environments, such as those found in aerospace, defence, transportation and industrial applications. Drawing on a wide portfolio of standard components, systems can be assembled for every necessary level of ruggedness – including mechanical stability for shock and vibration resistanc...

7th March 2013
From standard components: embedded systems for every requirement

Depending on the area of application, embedded systems are subjectto very different demands as regards mechanical stability such as shock and vibration resistance, IP and EMC protection and cooling requirements. With its systems based on the Schroff brandedmodular 19 subracks, Pentair Equipment Protection offers an ideal platform on which these various demands can be satisfied.

20th December 2012
New 2U VME64x system allows horizontal board mounting

Pentair Equipment Protection has introduced a new Schroff VME64x system that has been designed for horizontal mounting of boards, thereby enabling a high level of functionality to be accommodated within a 19in. chassis measuring just 2U in height.

3rd December 2012
New 1200-page catalogue details complete range of Schroff products

Pentair Equipment Protection, the global business unit encompassing the Schroff, Hoffman and McLean brands, has brought out a comprehensive new catalogue detailing the entire range of Schroff products.

29th October 2012
Schroff release new 4U MicroTCA system delivering high availability from a compact package

New from Schroff is a 4U-high 19in. MicroTCA system that incorporates the thermal-management and redundancy features needed to ensure high availability, while keeping space requirements to a minimum.

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