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13th October 2022
Sandvik Coromant celebrates Tech Days 2022

During the last week of September 2022, Sandvik Coromant hosted Tech Days, an annual event where world leading manufacturing companies come together to share ideas for industry.

4th October 2022
Where the IoT meets sustainability in industry

4th October 2022
Where the IoT meets sustainability in industry

Jörgen Friesendahl, Global Offer Manager for data-driven machining at Sandvik Coromant gives advice to the metal cutting industry on utilising smart factory solutions – both to reduce carbon and raise profits.

18th May 2022
Sandvik Coromant appoints new head of sustainable business

Camilla Nevstad Bruzeluis will drive global sustainability strategies at the metal cutting firm

24th January 2022
How Sandvik Coromant is helping to upskill the industry

Research from Search Consultancy has shown that manufacturing is more affected by the skills shortage than any other industry, with 85% of businesses feeling the strain from a lack of skilled workers.

Component Management
18th January 2022
An end to poor inventory management

Productivity is the main goal for manufacturers and has knock-on effects for resources, operational efficiency and the bottom line. Despite this, a major cause of wasted time continues to be overlooked: poor inventory management. Having the right tool available at the right time is of critical importance for manufacturers. Here, Francis Richt, Global Manager for Sandvik Coromant’s Digital Machining Business explains how specialist tooling s...

20th July 2021
Sandvik to acquire DWFritz Automation

Sandvik has signed an agreement to acquire US based DWFritz Automation, a global provider of precision metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions for advanced manufacturing. DWFritz Automation designs, builds and supports engineer-to-order, high-speed, non-contact metrology solutions and automation systems.

14th July 2021
Power skiving for electric vehicles

Tesla’s automobiles are frequently cited as examples that electric vehicles (EVs) don’t need multiple gears or dual transmission. That is, except for all the models that do. As the multi-gear EV trend begins to pick up speed Mats Wennmo, Global Automotive Transmission Manager at Sandvik Coromant, the global leader in metal cutting, has explained how a process known as power skiving can help EV manufacturers keep-up, but with grea...

8th June 2021
Innovative smart packaging solutions launched

Sandvik Coromant has launched an optimised smart packaging solution to level up its operational sustainability. Developed by R&D engineer and system developer Maria Rajabzadeh Namaghi as part of Sandvik Coromant’s Automation Platform team. The solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the smallest possible packaging required to contain a product, reducing costs and CO2 emissions in the process.

22nd April 2021
Predicting tool wear for process security

A study by China’s Beihang University in the International Journal of Production Research directly links predictive maintenance with the quality of products. But, how can manufacturers combine this predictiveness and excellence in their steel turning operations with fewer workers on the shop floor, or in unmanned production? Here, Rolf Olofsson, Product Manager at Sandvik Coromant, has explained why the right tooling, pl...

3D Printing
26th February 2021
3D printing and titanium: a life-changing combination

3D printing is delivering customisation options that make it possible to create almost any shape using Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. In fact, the possibilities of 3D printing are so gamechanging, it is even possible to create carbon copies of our own skulls. Sandvik’s additive manufacturing and metal powder specialists are exploring the potential of AM in the medical field, and are preparing for the future of medical imp...

Alternative Energy
25th February 2021
Helping the next generation create a sustainable future

The future of solar power is burning bright. According to a report by The International Energy Agency (IEA), renewable power is set to expand by 50% between 2019 and 2024, with solar photovoltaic (PV) representing almost 60% of this expected growth. At this pivotal time for renewable energy, it is time we focused on supporting the next generation. Here, Mats W Lundberg, Head of Sustainability at Sandvik explains how Sandvik is helping y...

19th January 2021
Sandvik invests in manufacturing software provider Oqton

High-tech engineering group Sandvik has acquired a minority stake in the privately owned American company Oqton, a provider of AI-powered manufacturing solutions that allow manufacturers to manage, optimise and automate their manufacturing workflows.

2nd November 2020
Helen Blomqvist appointed President at Sandvik Coromant

As president, Blomqvist will be responsible for enhancing Sandvik Coromant’s position in manufacturing tools and machining solutions and sharing the knowledge that drives the manufacturing industry forward. Blomqvist will report to the newly appointed President of Sandvik Machining Solutions, Nadine Crauwels, and will be a member of the Sandvik Machining Solutions Management Team. She starts her new position on 1st December 2020.

1st May 2018
New tap designed to meet high requirements of automotive industry

A new thread forming tap has been launched by Sandvik Coromant, which is optimised for ISO P steel machining and is designed to boost productivity, particularly in the automotive industry. The CoroTap 400 achieves this by offering chip-free tapping as well as faster machining times and stronger threads through reduced torque and an optimised geometry.

Aerospace & Defence
10th November 2017
Get your first class ticket to productivity

To enhance milling performance on ISO S materials, cutting tool and tooling system specialist, Sandvik Coromant is introducing a series of end mills featuring geometries and grades. The CoroMill Plura HFS (High-Feed Side milling) ISO S cutters deliver reliable and productive results on workpieces made from titanium and nickel-based alloys, bringing benefits to both aerospace engine and frame applications.

Aerospace & Defence
24th October 2017
Tapping out the benefits for aerospace manufacturers

Due to a strong demand for reliable maching solutions in the aerospace industry, cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant has launched new tapping and thread millung tools for ISO S materials (titanium and nickel-based alloys). The products have been purpose designed to deliver process security on high value components, such as engine casings, thus providing reductions in scrap rates and machine downtime.

Component Management
20th June 2014
Sandvik Coromant inserts generate low cutting forces

When milling stainless steel there are many challenges to overcome, including difficulties with chip formation, tool life and productivity. The latest insert geometries for CoroMill 345 have been designed specifically to offer the light cutting action and low forces required to surmount such challenges. Numerous benefits include not only higher metal removal rates and greater throughput, but the ability to use CoroMill 345 on small taper machines...

Events News
11th March 2014
PCB end mills deliver lasting & predictable wear patterns

Making its exhibition debut at JEC Europe 2014 (Paris, 11-13 March), CoroMill Plura range of brazed PCD end mills is likely to be of great interest to any manufacturers performing edging, surface milling, slotting or cutting operations on CFRP components.

Component Management
4th February 2014
Insert grades designed for steel turning & cast iron milling

In October 2013, the insert grade GC4325 was introduced by Sandvik Coromant. This assortment has now been extended to include the insert grades GC4315 and GC3330. Inveio, a material science providing inserts with exceptional wear resistance and tool life, is featured in all three grades delivering endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.  

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