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Insert grades designed for steel turning & cast iron milling

4th February 2014
Staff Reporter

In October 2013, the insert grade GC4325 was introduced by Sandvik Coromant. This assortment has now been extended to include the insert grades GC4315 and GC3330. Inveio, a material science providing inserts with exceptional wear resistance and tool life, is featured in all three grades delivering endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.


The performance of these grades is due to the Inveio uni-directional crystal orientation whereas. normally, crystal orientation in the inserts’ CVD alumina coating is random. Sanvik arrived at this breakthrough when they successfully found a way to control the crystals, making them all line up in the same direction – towards the top surface. These tightly-packed crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip. The grades, therefore, deliver wear resistance and cutting edges that stay in shape for long times in cut. The long, predictable tool life of GC4325, GC4315 and GC3330 enables secure unmanned production with high metal removal rate.

The GC4325 has been designed for steel turning due to the insert grade being able to withstand he high cutting temperatures that occur. The GC3330 is a suitable grade for milling in cast iron materials.




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