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Rochester Electronics is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. We turn End-of-Life problems into Extension-of-Life® solutions that provide you with the authorized, guaranteed components you need for as long as you need them. Every day, in industries all over the world, critical semiconductors become unavailable from the original manufacturer, even though there is a continuing need for them.

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8th September 2021
Rochester and STMicro collaborate to extend customer PLM

Rochester Electronics has collaborated with STMicroelectronics to provide a growing range of both active and end-of-life stocked products. 

10th February 2020
Continuous supply for Cypress and Rochester customers

Rochester Electronics has been authorised by Cypress Semiconductor to sell units of the obsolete Dual Port and FIFO SRAM product lines. The Dual Port and FIFO product line have been discontinued by Cypress under PTN18051 notice dated 1/28/2018 with a last time ship date of 1/28/2019.

20th January 2020
Partnership ensures continued Ampleon supply

Ampleon and Rochester Electronics have joined forces to extend the supply of Ampleon’s VDMOS portfolio of high-performance RF transistors to customers worldwide. This strategic partnership will allow continued product availability to their valued customers.

4th December 2019
Providing an authorised source of supply for Analog Devices

Analog Devices has named Rochester Electronics exclusive long-term provider supporting the ADSP-TS20xS TigerSHARC products. Analog Devices has transferred all residual excess inventory and associated product wafers to Rochester Electronics. This partnership agreement allows continued product availability to their valued customers.

7th August 2018
Eliminating design qualification costs with replication devices

Rochester Electronics and Analog Devices have teamed up to help customers avoid the high cost involved in requalifying existing products by replicating an obsolete ADSP-2101 DSP. After the DSP went to End of Life (EOL) status, Rochester Electronics worked with ADI and an industrial customer to replicate the device to satisfy existing production requirements.

10th April 2017
The counterfeit problem is not going away

Where would the electronics industry be without semiconductors? From the handheld devices we use every day to advanced equipment in the medical and aerospace industries, to the explosion of electronic systems in the automotive sector, they are integral to keeping the modern world up and running.

6th July 2015
Rochester adds support for Freescale MC68040 MPUs

Rochester Electronics has been licensed by Freescale to provide a continuing manufacturing solution for the Freescale MC68040 32-bit MPU product family. Freescale announced the discontinuation of the 68040 devices and will be shipping the last products they will produce until November 2015. The agreement between Freescale and Rochester provides customers of the popular legacy MPUs with access to a secure and reliable source of parts for continued...

5th June 2015
Confident obsolescence management with Extension-of-Life

Semiconductor manufacturers regularly announce the planned obsolescence of older products, to direct their resources towards supporting new product introductions with the latest technologies. The effects of these natural cycles challenge OEMs to ensure the sustainability of their products. This is especially true in high reliability, long life cycle products in sectors such as medical, industrial, transportation telecomms-infrastructure or aerosp...

9th April 2015
Rochester Electronics adds Altera FPGAs & CPLDs to its range

Rochester Electronics has announced that it has expanded its relationship with Altera to include selective members of its FPGAs and CPLDs product families. As a result of this agreement, Rochester is now able to provide users of Altera products with a flexible, long-term supply pipeline of devices for applications with extended lifespans. Under the partnership, Rochester will market selective Altera products with the manufacturer’s full sup...

20th November 2014
Processor replication with IP rights eliminates errata

Rochester Electronics offers replication of processors through its Semiconductor Replication Process (SRP). There are several companies within the semiconductor industry selling their emulated versions of popular processors originally produced by Freescale and Intel. Because Rochester receives processor IP from the original manufacturer, there is no need to emulate.

13th November 2014
The world's largest wafer bank has tripled in size at Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics continues to expand its state-of-the-art wafer bank to support the ever-increasing number of semiconductor end-of-life (EOL) announcements and assist customers requiring reliable, authorized Extension-of-Life solutions.

12th November 2014
ASIC solutions end the costly & continuous re-design cycle

Rochester Electronics has an ASIC solution that can alleviate the possibility of more system re-designs in the future.

12th November 2014
Freescale and Intel processors now active at Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics will launch 2015 with the re-introduction of many popular processors from Freescale and Intel.

8th October 2014
AMD’s AM79C940B series MACE chip re-introduced by Rochester

The Media Access Controller for Ethernet (MACE) chip is a CMOS VLSI device designed to provide flexibility in customised LAN design. The MACE device addresses applications where multiple I/O peripherals are present, and a centralised or system specific DMA is required. The high speed, 16-bit synchronous system interface is optimised for an external DMA or I/O processor system.

17th September 2014
Voltage follower series re-introduced by Rochester

  The LM110 voltage follower series is a monolithic operational amplifier that has been tested at temperatures ranging from -55 to +125°C, and are most useful in fast sample and hold circuits, active filters, or as general-purpose buffers.

27th August 2014
AMD communication devices re-introduced by Rochester

The AM7968 TAXIchip Transmitter and the AM7969 TAXIchip Receiver Chipset is a general-purpose interface for very high-speed (4-17.5MBps, 40-175MBd serially) point-to-point communications over coaxial or fibre-optic media. The speed of a TAXIchip system is adjustable over a range of frequencies, with parallel bus transfer rates of 4MBps at the low end, and up to 17.5MBps at the high end.

20th August 2014
AMD’s AM27C010 CMOS EPROM re-introduced by Rochester

The high speed (45ns), low power AM27C010 1-Megabit CMOS EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory) is organised as 128,000 words by 8-bits per word. Operating from a single +5V supply, the AM27C010 has a static standby mode and features fast single address location programming.

12th August 2014
Intel’s 80960 32-bit MPU re-introduced by Rochester

  Designed for commercial and military embedded applications, the 80960MC is a 32-bit microprocessor with 512-byte instruction cache, a built-in interrupt controller, an integrated floating-point unit and a memory management unit.

6th August 2014
TI’s LM108 operational amplifiers re-introduced by Rochester

Authorised to continue manufacturing Texas Instruments’ (National Semiconductor) popular LM family of linear products, Rochester Electronics offers the LM108, LM208 and LM308 operation amplifiers in a variety of packages to meet ongoing military and defence application requirements.

30th July 2014
Rochester increases Intel portfolio to more than 5m

Following a transfer of chipset products, Rochester Electronics has increased its inventory of Intel product by more than five million. As an authorised distributor for the semiconductor manufacturer, Rochester will continue to support Intel customers with ongoing demand for more than 60 unique part types, which make up this shipment. These include PCI-to-PCI bridges, I/O controller hubs, GMCH and 32-bit MPUs. 

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