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Rochester Electronics is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. We turn End-of-Life problems into Extension-of-Life® solutions that provide you with the authorized, guaranteed components you need for as long as you need them. Every day, in industries all over the world, critical semiconductors become unavailable from the original manufacturer, even though there is a continuing need for them.

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12th August 2014
Intel’s 80960 32-bit MPU re-introduced by Rochester

  Designed for commercial and military embedded applications, the 80960MC is a 32-bit microprocessor with 512-byte instruction cache, a built-in interrupt controller, an integrated floating-point unit and a memory management unit.

6th August 2014
TI’s LM108 operational amplifiers re-introduced by Rochester

Authorised to continue manufacturing Texas Instruments’ (National Semiconductor) popular LM family of linear products, Rochester Electronics offers the LM108, LM208 and LM308 operation amplifiers in a variety of packages to meet ongoing military and defence application requirements.

30th July 2014
Rochester increases Intel portfolio to more than 5m

Following a transfer of chipset products, Rochester Electronics has increased its inventory of Intel product by more than five million. As an authorised distributor for the semiconductor manufacturer, Rochester will continue to support Intel customers with ongoing demand for more than 60 unique part types, which make up this shipment. These include PCI-to-PCI bridges, I/O controller hubs, GMCH and 32-bit MPUs. 

23rd July 2014
Rochester re-introduces Freescale MC68000 32-bit MPUs

Authorised to continue manufacturing Motorola/Freescale’s MC68000 family of 32-bit microprocessors, Rochester Electronics offers the MC68020/MC68EC020, MC68030/MC68EC030, and MC68040/MC68EC040/MC68LC040 devices in a variety of packages and frequencies to meet commercial through military application requirements.

15th July 2014
Intel TP82C54 programmable timer re-introduced by Rochester

Rochester Electronics re-introduces the Intel 82C54 high-performance, CHMOS version of the industry standard 8254 counter/timer. Designed to solve the timing control problems common in microcomputer system design, this device provides three independent 16-bit counters, each capable of handling clock inputs up to 10MHz. All modes are software programmable.

9th July 2014
Intel 8251A USART re-introduced by Rochester Electronics

Rochester has been authorised to continue manufacturing and stocking Intel’s 8251A Programmable Communication Interface. The industry standard Universal Synchronous / Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter (USART) is designed for operation with an extended range of Intel microprocessors with compatibility to the 8251.

2nd July 2014
Rochester re-introduces AMD's AM186ED 16-bit embedded MCUs

Authorised to continue manufacturing of AMD’S AM186ED (x86 architecture) 16-bit microcontroller, Rochester Electronics offers microcontrollers in 20, 25, 33 and 40MHz versions with commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Available in K and V type package options, the AM186ED microcontrollers are manufactured to meet RoHS-compliance requirements.

4th June 2014
DM7440N NAND gate available in commercial & military configuration

Rochester Electronics has been licensed by National Semiconductor (acquired by Texas Instruments) to continue the manufacturing of the DM7440N since its EOL notification almost ten years ago. The DM7440N is a dual 4-input NAND gate in a 14-pin plastic DIP that operates over a full temperature range.

28th May 2014
Rochester re-introduces low power dual driver/receiver

With the full authorisation of National Semiconductor, Rochester Electronics has re-introduced the DS14C232J/B low power dual driver/receiver through its Extension-of-Life program. Featuring an onboard DC/DC converter, the DS14C232J/B eliminates the need for ±12V power supplies by requiring only a +5V power supply.

Mixed Signal/Analog
22nd May 2014
Rochester re-introduces LM4665LDX-G audio amplifiers

With the full authorisation of National Semiconductor, Rochester Electronics has re-introduced the RoHS-compliant LM4665 series, a fully integrated single-supply high efficiency switching audio amplifier. The LM4665 series features an innovative modulator that eliminates the LC output filter used with typical switching amplifiers.

Mixed Signal/Analog
14th May 2014
Rochester re-introduce op amp for accurate signal processing

  With the full authorisation of Harris, Rochester Electronics has re-introduced the HA-2620/2625 bipolar operational amplifier series. The HA-2620/2625 bipolar operational amplifiers, originally manufactured by Intersil, feature high input impedance coupled with wideband AC performance.

17th April 2014
Rochester Electronics re-introduces the Intel 80960

  The 80960MC 32-bit microprocessor was originally manufactured by Intel as an enhanced version of the i960 series and enjoyed great commercial success in a host of embedded applications.

2nd April 2014
Rochester re-introduces CA3080 micropower op amp

Authorised by Harris/Intersil to continue manufacturing the CA3080 and CA3080A operational transconductance amplifier (OTA), Rochester’s Extension-of-Life program provides a continuous supply of the 2MHz amplifiers. The CA3080 and CA3080A amplifiers are Gatable-Gain Blocks that utilise the unique OTA concept.

26th March 2014
Rochester re-introduces Intel’s MQ87C196KD-16/B CHMOS microcontroller

Rochester Electronics is a fully-authorised continuing source for the Intel 8XC196 family of microcontrollers. The MQ87C196KD-16/B is a high-performance microcontroller with On-chip EPROM that delivers 16 and 20MHz operation. Originally introduced in 1982 as the Intel MCS-96 family, these devices are most commonly used in motor control, modem, printer and pattern recognition applications within embedded systems.

19th March 2014
Rochester re-introduces Intel’s MQ80C196KB CHMOS MCU

Rochester Electronics is a fully-authorised continuing source for the Intel 8XC196 family of microcontrollers, which was introduced in 1982 as the Intel MCS-96 Family, and is most commonly used in motor control, modem, printer and pattern recognition applications within embedded systems.

6th March 2014
Rochester to supply discontinued NXP products

Providing customers with a continuing supply of end-of-life products discontinued by the company, Rochester Electronics has entered into a continuing solution agreement with NXP Semiconductors.

26th February 2014
Rochester re-introduces Intel’s powerful automotive MCU

Rochester Electronics is officially licensed by Intel to continue manufacturing the 80C196KC 16-bit microcontroller. The powerful 80C196KC is a high performance member of the MCS 96 microcontroller family, which utilises the CHMOS III process that provides a high performance processor along with low power consumption.

19th February 2014
Rochester re-introduces Altera’s EP1810GC-35 EPLD

As Altera’s authorized partner for EOL products, Rochester is licensed to manufacture the complex EP1810 erasable programmable logic devices (EPLDs). The EP1810 devices offer LSI density, TTL-equivalent speed, and low power consumption. EP1810 devices have 48 macrocells, 16 dedicated input pins, and 48 I/O pins.

13th February 2014
Rochester expands MIL-STD-883 and MIL-PRF-38535 IC support

Through its Extension-of-Life products and solutions, Rochester Electronics has expanded its continuing manufacturing and support services of obsolete and active MIL-STD-883 and MIL-PRF-38535 integrated circuits for military and aerospace applications. Additionally, Rochester has expanded its environmental test lab that replicates environmental conditions and elements experienced by these applications.

12th February 2014
Rochester re-introduces CA3078 micropower op amp

Authorised by Harris/Intersil to continue manufacturing the CA3078 and CA3078A high gain monolithic operational amplifiers, Rochester’s Extension-of-Life® program provides a continuous supply of the micropower amplifiers. The CA3078 and CA3078A devices deliver milliamperes of current while only consuming microwatts of standby power.

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