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19th January 2023
Application Optimised UV Lenses

To provide inspectors with an effective tool for non-intrusive verification of spent nuclear fuel, A company in nuclear safeguarding technology asked Resolve Optics to design a wavelength corrected UV Zoom lens to enable its Digital Cerenkov Viewing Device to view a nuclear fuel assembly situated 13 metres away from the lens and through 10 metres of water. Spent nuclear fuel emits a faint UV (Cerenkov) light when gamma rays from fuel assemblies i...

16th December 2022
Space-ready optics for micro and nanosatellites

Resolve Optics is a supplier of miniature space-ready optics that lie at the heart of microsatellites and nanosatellites being deployed for a growing range of applications including remote sensing, earth observation, data communications, scientific analysis, and surveillance.

10th November 2022
Custom radiation tolerant lenses

Drawing upon an extensive library of proven lens designs, nuclear industry specialists, Resolve Optics can quickly design and produce a custom radiation tolerant lens to exactly match your camera/sensor and application.

17th October 2022
Optimised Fisheye Lens helps improve borehole inspection

To extend the capabilities of the array camera, to provide a continuous, 360° view of the internal diameter of a wellbore, Resolve Optics designed and produced a lens optimised to give powerful short-distance imaging clarity, a large (186⁰) field-of-view, and optical correction for the curvature of industrial pipes.

29th September 2022
Large format lenses for high resolution camera & sensors

Custom designed for use with line scan and area scan cameras – these large format lenses provide the very high resolution over a large image format required by demanding scientific and machine vision applications.

17th August 2022
High-resolution radiation tolerant lenses

Resolve Optics, specialists in radiation tolerant lenses for monitoring nuclear reprocessing and power generation plants, is supplying HD (1080p) resolution lenses optimised for the new generation of radiation hard CMOS cameras.

17th June 2022
Lens design adapted to fit radiation tolerant camera

Resolve Optics has developed a custom 16mm focal length fixed focus lens for a leading nuclear systems integrator.

20th April 2022
Specialist optics for nuclear systems integrators

Drawing upon over 25-year experience of the nuclear industry – Resolve Optics can quickly adapt existing designs to produce optimised non-browning fixed focus and zoom lenses for Nuclear Systems Integrators supplying monitoring systems to operate in medium and high radiation environments.

22nd February 2022
Application optimised machine vision lenses

Machine vision is a rapidly evolving sector of the photonics industry. With high-resolution cameras and sensors appearing almost weekly it is becoming increasingly rare to find a standard format device.

2nd February 2022
Fixed focus radiation resistant lenses for inspection

For close-up inspection tasks in high radiation environments. Resolve Optics offers both a standard range as well as customer specified fixed focus radiation resistant lenses. 

Aerospace & Defence
4th January 2022
High definition lens for aerospace applications

Resolve Optics has developed a rugged High Definition lens optimised for use in Head-Up Display systems.

24th November 2021
Beam splitter optical module for high-speed imaging

Resolve Optics reports that it has designed and supplied new 8-channel and 16-channel beam splitter optical modules to Specialised Imaging for the next generation of their SIM multi-channel framing camera

28th October 2021
Flexible format non-browning zoom lens

The Model 290 from Resolve Optics is a motorised 6x non-browning zoom lens with a range of mechanical options to optimally suit different applications that may be subject to radiation.

29th March 2021
Non-browning fixed focus lens for low light launched

Manufactured from specially selected non browning glass – the Model 313-000 fixed focus lens from Resolve Optics has an aperture of f/1.4 to enable as much light as possible to be gathered and transmitted to the sensor. 

23rd March 2021
Radiation resistant lens for low light applications

Manufactured from specially selected non browning glass – the Model 313-000 radiation resistant fixed focus lens from Resolve Optics has an aperture of f/1.4 to enable as much light as possible to be gathered and transmitted to the sensor. 

17th February 2021
Lenses & optical systems for challenging environments

Producing a lens or optical system for challenging environments, such as aerospace, industrial or military use requires careful consideration of its resistance to vibration, shock, temperature and water ingress in addition to ensuring high reliability and top performance.

27th January 2021
Resolve Optics launches smarter working initiative

The specialist in application optimised lenses and optical systems, Resolve Optics, has announced as of 1st February 2021 that they will implement a four-days on, three-days off, work pattern to improve the work life balance of its employees.

22nd January 2021
Extended range non-browning zoom lens

Based upon a proven design – Resolve Optics new Model 192-001 non-browning six times zoom lens offers high performance over an extended 24 to 144mm focal length range making it perfect for remote monitoring tasks in nuclear reprocessing and power plants.

6th January 2021
Optically compensated zoom lens for remote environments

For remote and hazardous environments where simple optical design offers significant benefits - Resolve Optics has developed a new optically compensated zoom lens design that vastly reduces the moving parts to just a single push pull movement.

11th September 2020
Application optimised machine vision lenses

Resolve Optics has announced that it offers a service to design, develop and supply application optimised machine vision lenses for any industrial and robotic image processing application. High quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, results in outstanding machine vision lenses that deliver sharp, high-resolution and optically precise images.

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