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28th February 2020
Improving surveillance of coastal erosion

Resolve Optics has reported on how ultra large format lenses it has developed are helping a next generation aerial surveillance camera gain data on coastal erosion faster and in more detail. Coastal erosion is a main environmental concern which requires accurate aerial data. 

21st January 2020
Low distortion large format lenses for uniform performance

Resolve Optics has developed optimised large format lenses that offer low distortion and uniform high performance across the entire focal plane. Resolve Optics large format lenses are custom lenses designed to match the performance abilities of the high-end megapixel type camera used in your vision application.

26th November 2019
Designing robust optical systems for space applications

Resolve Optics has announced its active participation in designing and supplying robust optical systems for a range of different space projects over the last few years. Designing optical systems for satellites and spacecraft is challenging due to the harsh conditions that space places upon components and systems working in this remote environment.

8th November 2019
Designing optical systems for satellites

Resolve Optics reports on its active participation in designing and supplying robust optical systems for a range of different space projects over the last few years. Many different types of optical imaging and sensing systems are today used to observe and measure the Earth and the universe at large.

8th November 2019
Optimised industrial camera sensor lenses

Industrial camera sensors come in a wide range of sizes from 1/4-inch to 1-inch and beyond. The lens(es) you choose to integrate into your product will play a pivotal role in determining your camera performance. A lower resolution lens will reduce the achievable image quality from a high megapixel camera sensor.

15th August 2019
Focus tracking optical zoom lenses

Resolve Optics is an international supplier of compact, high performance off-the-shelf and custom optical zoom lenses. These lenses can be supplied either motorised or non-motorised and provide focus tracking throughout their zoom range.

17th May 2019
High performance infrared lenses designed for CO2 laser applications

Resolve Optics is a supplier of custom designed high performance Infrared (IR) lenses for use in thermal imaging, FT-IR spectroscopy, CO2 laser and defence applications. Drawing upon substrates include germanium, sapphire, silicon or zinc selenide, Resolve Optics IR lenses can be supplied with anti-reflection coatings to optimise performance in different parts of the infrared waveband to best suit your application.

9th May 2019
Are your lenses becoming obsolete?

Periodically organisations are faced with replacing hard to source or obsolete optical components within their camera, sensor or instrument systems. It is at this critical point that you have to choose whether to search for an off-the-shelf component or to specify a bespoke component that fully meets your needs. 

3rd May 2019
Bespoke strategy to manage obsolete optical components

It has been announced that Resolve Optics has published an article that discusses the benefits of adopting a bespoke design strategy to manage the increasing occurrence of optical components becoming obsolete before the end of a products life cycle. Optical component obsolescence has always been an issue for buyers in industries ranging from aerospace and defence, right through to the nuclear industry.

16th April 2019
Close-up inspection system for high radiation environments

It has been announced that Resolve Optics has developed a varient of its Model 357 non-browning zoom lens to enable DEKRA Visatec to offer a compact, new radiation resistant inspection system. Based on their VT XLRAD-10 PTZ camera, fitted with the Model 357 zoom lens, the DEKRA Visatec inspection system has proven in testing to offer image quality and the possibility for close up pictures in high radiation environments.

18th March 2019
Large format lenses designed for high resolution cameras

  As camera manufacturers continue to increase sensor size, while simultaneously increasing pixel resolution, Resolve Optics custom large format lenses provide an optimised solution to enable these products to achieve their full performance potential opening the door to new application solutions.

4th September 2018
Improving OEM lens design and development

  Resolve Optics reports on how its high bandwidth video teleconferencing facility has improved its OEM lens design and development service.

T&M and Monitoring
11th April 2018
Resolve optics invests in advanced testing equipment

  Resolve Optics has announced that they have purchased a fully automated Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and distortion test centre, plus a Precision Lens System Centring Station for its UK optical assembly facility.

Aerospace & Defence
11th April 2018
Purpose military lenses offer resistance to vibration

  Internationally downward pressure on defence budgets has meant that the majority of military equipment contractors are looking for ways to provide fit for purpose products at competitive prices.  

19th January 2018
Custom lens assemblies from Resolve Optics

  Specialising in OEM custom lens assemblies, Resolve Optics delivers thousands of custom lens assemblies per year - from complex high- speed imaging lenses and material sorting inspection lenses, to radiation resistant lenses for critical medical and nuclear applications.

17th March 2017
UV zoom lens enables remote viewing of nuclear fuel assembly

Supplying a North American camera manufacturer with small batches of a custom UV zoom lens, Resolve Optics are enabling safe remote viewing of nuclear fuel assemblies through 10m of water.

1st March 2017
Compact HD lens gives a 'quacking' good zoom

Designed for machine vision, broadcast TV and CCTV applications that require top quality high definition images, Resolve Optics has introduced the Z10-HD zoom lens. The motorised 10x HD zoom lens is typically less than half the size and much lighter than other comparable zoom lens. A design camera mount that incorporates topside and back focus adjustment enables the Z10-HD to be quickly and easily set-up on any 1/3", 1/3" 3-chip and 2/3" format c...

20th January 2017
All you need to know on radiation resistant lenses

  A new technical guide has been announced from Resolve Optics, which provides an informative introduction to radiation resistant optics, their capabilities, areas of use and specifications of standard lenses available off-the-shelf.

16th January 2017
Radiation resistant lenses

A new brochure providing an informative introduction to radiation resistant optics, their capabilities, areas of use and specifications of standard lenses available off-the-shelf, has been announced by Resolve Optics. Approaching 30 years, Resolve Optics has built a strong reputation for specialist lens design and manufacture of smaller production quantities of radiation-resistant (non-browning) lenses and optical products on time to strict ...

21st November 2016
Lens adapters deliver high-res distortion-free images

Lens adapters can offer many qualities such as an economic solution to achieve the desired field of view (FOV) or image format from a prime lens in a camera or sensor system. However so many generic lens adapters are designed to try to work on as many lenses as possible and consequently compromise image quality.

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