Resolve Optics' Model 228 lens changing RUVIS in CSI

20th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

The Model 228 lens, developed by Resolve Optics, has become a benchmark in Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging Systems (RUVIS), transforming the detection of fingerprints and bloodstains undetected in initial crime scene investigations.

Improving evidence collection

In the realm of law enforcement, accurate collection of evidence is crucial to establish the facts of a crime and identify suspects. Traditional methods, such as visually inspecting scenes and lifting fingerprints with tape, can be prone to errors. These are increasingly being supplanted by the use of RUVIS cameras, operating in the deep UV spectrum (320 – 400nm).

Advantages of the Model 228 lens

The Model 228 lens enhances RUVIS systems for both manufacturers and crime scene investigators, offering superior performance and user-friendliness. Its ability to perform efficiently in both UV and visible wavebands allows investigators to focus on targets in visible light and then seamlessly switch to UV imaging without the need to refocus.

Compact design and high-resolution imaging

Featuring a telescopic focusing mount, the Model 228 lens provides extensive movement within a compact structure. It delivers high-resolution macro viewing of crime sites, aligning the optical resolution of both the lens and the image intensifier. This facilitates 1:1 lens magnification, making it ideal for capturing detailed macro images in fingerprint and human skin damage investigations.

Widely used in RUVIS applications

With its wide field of view, the Model 228 is extensively utilised in RUVIS scopes, playing a pivotal role in producing detailed macro images crucial in forensic applications. This advancement marks a significant step forward in the technological capabilities available for crime scene investigation, aiding in the more accurate and efficient gathering of vital forensic evidence.

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